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15 Closet Essentials for Women

15 Closet Essentials for Women

Closet Essentials for Women – Choosing the right outfit can be a challenge, especially since social media is more rampant than ever. People are interested in what you’re doing, what clothes you’re wearing, how many followers you have, etc. Below are five basic wardrobe essentials that every woman should have, or certainly already has.

15 essential items for women to have in their closet

1. a good pair of jeans

Jeans never go out of fashion. A cut on jeans will make them tattered; overused and washed jeans will make them faded jeans. Jeans are indestructible! These garments can be worn for any occasion, and the difference is in how they are styled and combined.

Remember the rise of colored jeans? The whole world was crazy about owning one, and now it’s nowhere to be found. Even though the jeans of the past have evolved, the basic jeans will last a lifetime.

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2. a staple dress

Who doesn’t have a dress in their closet? I’m sure every girl has at least one or two basic dresses in her closet. It’s a good choice if you don’t have the time and energy to put together different dresses.

There are countless styles and designs. There are dresses with eye-catching patterns that are guaranteed to make you stand out, but also simple models in which you can be the woman in nude. Although there is a wide range of designs on the market, it is really important to buy a piece that fits your body shape and size: the right cut, a flattering shape and the perfect length.

3. monochromatic shirt

Like the basic white shirt for men, women can also transform a simple shirt into something stylish. Shirts are a versatile garment that is both comfortable and inexpensive. You can wear a single shirt to both formal and informal occasions. The key to turning a plain shirt into a statement is in the outfit.

Shirts are versatile: you can either tuck it in, tie it at the side or in the middle, or cut it off. Cut it in half and you have a crop top, cut it off at the side and you have a muscle t-shirt.

4. formal blazer

Formal blazers are always welcome in your closet. It turns plain pieces into a seemingly perfect overall look. Besides, it makes you feel like a “real adult”. A blazer with beautiful buttons and stitching is very stylish. It increases self-confidence and makes you feel successful.

5. shoes for all occasions

A good pair of shoes can boost your lost self-confidence. Imagine walking around town in your favorite pair of shoes that are sure to be a bomb, and then getting complimented on them. A bitter day is turned around for the better. Shoes are one of the most important essentials for women.

Walking with a shoe that you feel comfortable in is very fulfilling. Comfort must always come first when choosing footwear. Even if a nice pair is tempting, it is a waste of money if it is not the right fit or size.

Another important item in the closet is Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessories play a huge role in completing a garment. Therefore, you should have a variety of accessories: formal accessories often consist of diamonds and pearls, everyday accessories are simple necklaces, watches and bracelets, while accessories for formal occasions often consist of a colorful and splashy set of accessories.

6. light cardigan

A classic piece of clothing that is often overlooked. A light cardigan will help you on a windy evening or when going to the movies, and when it serves multiple purposes, it will make your outfit a real eye-catcher. All I’m saying is that layered looks are the rule of life. Choose between different lengths, styles, colors and textures. There is no basic cardigan style, except that you must own several of them.

7. white shirt

You can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt. You can put it on, leave it out, wear it layered, wear an oversized shirt with a belt and make it look like a dress. There is no wrong way to combine this essential garment. It’s a comfortable garment that is versatile and wicks sweat from your armpits. I like to wear statement necklaces just below the collar. It looks so chic!

8. pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are great for the office, but have you ever noticed how they look when you wear them casually? Finally, buy them in plain, textured and printed varieties. Pair it with a tank top or shirt depending on the occasion.

9. boot cut jeans

Who doesn’t need a pair of jeans that fit and feel like a second skin? These jeans are always in style and look great for casual days out or paired with a bodysuit, blazer, denim jacket and boots. They also look great with shirts and sweatshirts. The reason I say you need boot cut jeans is because these pants make you look taller and curvier. Wholesale Women Sweatshirts

7. black pants

A good pair of black pants is definitely another must-have in your closet. It is simple and elegant and makes your body not only slimmer but also longer. Pair them with a shirt or blouse for work, and if you’re going to a party, a nice sequined top with heels is just the thing. The first pair, however, is one that fits loosely across the thigh and stands out slightly at the bottom.  Pants are one of the most important essentials for women

8. little black dress

Even though I only wear black, I have yet to find a little black dress that I absolutely have to have and can’t live without. I have regular t-shirt dresses and such, but nothing that I could classify as a grade 1 must-have. That means you should find a black dress that fits you like a glove, which is a no-brainer on nights when you don’t want to dress up. But you know you’ll still look like a million bucks because the dress is so chic. Choose a short one or a long one, the possibilities are endless. There is no rule book for the perfect black dress.

9. leather jacket

A leather jacket should be a staple in every closet. I love how badass it looks with any outfit. And how subtle you can dress with it because it suits you. It is, of course, one of the fanciest pieces of clothing to own, and you won’t regret buying it. Jackets are one of the most important essentials for women

10. wrap dress

This silhouette is kind of magical and suits all body types. Combine it with a pair of pumps or with a pair of sneakers.


11. striped t-shirt

Besides a simple black and white t-shirt, a striped long sleeve t-shirt is a must have. It looks great when paired with skinny jeans and a blazer. If you are worried about the horizontal stripe attacking the weight, buy a Breton stripe, which is too thin and makes you look too skinny.

12. denim shorts

I mean, do I even need to explain why I think this is a wardrobe must-have? It’s simple, goes with everything, and is definitely a must-have when going on vacation.

13. shirt dress

A nice, classic shirt dress is a great choice if you want to add some variety to your office attire. They are easy to put on and jazz up depending on the occasion, and can easily be transformed from day to evening. The shirt is one of the most important essentials for women.

14. tank top

I love pairing them with layers, and when it gets hot I don’t like wearing full sleeve tops, and this is a great alternative. You can wear it with cardigans, blazers, denim jackets, etc. and switch between different bottoms because this piece goes with everything!

15. plain black or white t-shirt.

Buy basic black and white t-shirts first, and then gradually work your way up to colorful basics. You can also buy t-shirts with different necklines and textures and end up with some graphic t-shirts. I can’t tell you how much I struggle with these basics.

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