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8 Different Types of Shelves for Your Home

No matter how much technology might advance or home renovations get smarter and more modern, there are a few things that can never be replaced, let alone eliminated altogether. For instance – shelves.

Shelves are one of that vital household equipment that have been used since the beginning of time. Shelves are a must in every house because they help you keep the place neat and tidy by storing various things like books, clothes, and countless other items that would be otherwise scattered on the floor and buy home decor online. Besides providing storage space and keeping the house organized, a proper shelving system also allows you to decorate and beautify your house by proudly displaying stunning adornments and ornaments that are normally stashed away in the attic.

Fixed Bracket Shelves (Suspended Shelves)

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Fixed bracket shelves are perhaps the oldest type of shelves that have been used since a very long time (and are equally common today as well). As the name suggests, they consist of individual ‘brackets’ that are ‘fixed’ to the particular surface where the shelf has to be placed and buy home decor online. Typically the brackets are made of metal and look like an inverted L-shape. They are secured to a wall or any vertical surface and then shelving is then aid across the other ‘arm’ of the supporting fixture.

Floating Shelves

Unless you belong to the rare or rather non-existent minority of unobservant humans, you will agree that floating shelves are hands-down the most classy and stylish shelving system. Also called torsion-box shelves, these shelves are a truly extraordinary way to store your items in an organized manner and at the same time, turn them into unique and fascinating decoration pieces.

Floating shelves are quite similar to fixed bracket or suspended shelves in the sense that they are also available in various designs and shapes and need to be secured to a wall or any other required surface.

Shelves in wall

Built-in shelves are relatively simpler amongst other types of shelves but nonetheless, are highly functional as they provide ample amount of storage space without evoking a cluttered look and buy home decor online. As is evident by the name, built-in shelves are shelves that are ‘built-in’ within corners or empty spaces of your house. For instance, alcoves or other similar spaces are turned into built-in shelving units.

This type of shelves is the simplest of all because more often than not, all you need is to install a few planks of wood horizontally in the recess in the wall and voila! You have storage space within a few minutes and buy home decor online! However, for a more refined and sophisticated look, you can buy shelves that are specially built for this purpose or order a customized one to fit in your indented walls.

Shelves in bathroom

Not many homeowners realize this but corner shelves are a brilliant way to capitalize on the storage space in your house. These shelves come in a wide variety of styles and designs and are sometimes also adjustable so that they can fit indifferent required areas. In other cases, they can be customized according to your preferences.

Corner shelves can be made up of plastic, metal, solid wood, as well as engineered or laminated wood for longer life and greater durability. Plus, they can be in a wall-hang style so that you can place them besides cabinets such as those in the kitchen or they can also be floor-based which means you can install them in corners such as those of your wardrobe or the coffee table to increase storage space.

Right-Angled Corner Shelf

Right-angled shelf or a 90-degree shelf is the most basic type of corner shelf. It is made by simply joining two pieces of shelving or racks (of same or different lengths) at right angles to each other and buy home decor online. This perpendicular assembly is extremely popular because it is the least expensive type of corner storage. Plus, it’s highly easy to make which means you can conveniently construct one for yourself.

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Curved Corner Shelf

Create a hard-to-reach area at the back. You can use curved corner shelves in your pantry to increase the storage space, in kitchen cabinets to stack extra dishes as well beside your wardrobe to make a chic decoration.

Angular Corner Shelf

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Share. This type of corner shelf is a bit similar to curved corner shelf but differs because unlike curved shelves which feature a smooth and gentle curvature, angular shelves feature a sharp and well-defined cut in the racks and buy home decor online. They usually come in the form of an isosceles triangle which means that the two front corners are each at 45-degrees while the angle at the back is 90-degree such that the overall rack fits in the outside as well as the inside of a corner. However, you can also find more asymmetrically angled corner shelves if you prefer eccentricity in interior designs.

Rotating Corner Shelf

Whoever first came up with the idea of a rotating corner shelf surely deserves a big round of applause. This clever design is without a doubt, the ultimate way to leverage every inch of that space in the corners or between any two big fixtures. These corner shelves consist of a turntable or rotating surface that is quite similar to a Lazy Susan design as it contains shelves that can spin on an unmovable base. However, these shelves are normally not sold as single units – rather they come as a part of a larger assembly of rotating shelves or a bulky shelving system that has a turning shelf in the corner.  The unit is usually divided into four parts and can be spun manually in order to face different sections.

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