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What Is A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) And What Is It For?

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

The UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) or uninterruptible power supply for its acronym in English, is a device that protects electrical devices in the presence of a power outage. It also serves as a shield against inadequate supply conditions to protect the equipment from current variations, electrical discharges, noise, or harmonics produced using machinery connected to the same electrical supply network. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

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It is important to keep the UPS under adequate environmental conditions and carry out the recommended maintenance to extend their useful life, since the electrical equipment that connects to them depends on them.

UPS As a Useful Backup Option

UPS can use in large or small establishments such as data centers, banks, offices, hospitals, self-service stores, and even today they use within the domestic sphere as a useful backup option to avoid loss of information or irreversible damage in electrical equipment.

The parts that make up a UPS system divided into three: rectifier, inverter, and batteries and/or battery charger. (APC ups price in Pakistan).


Receives alternating electrical voltage and transforms it into direct voltage.


Converts direct current into alternating current. The alternating current feeds the appliances that connected to the UPS output.

Battery And/ Or Battery Charger:

They conserve stored energy that comes into action in the event of a power outage. The duration of the battery will depend on the storage capacity it has. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

Likewise, there are different types of UPS for different applications such as:

UPS Off-Line (UPS Off Line):

Stores energy in a limited way, which allows saving information and shutting down equipment correctly.

Recommended for applications that do not require a lot of capacity, such as computer equipment in homes or offices. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

UPS On-Line Double Conversion (UPS Online Double Conversion):

It has an inverter that is in operation all the time and generating voltage that feeds the load. With this system, any disturbance of the electrical network eliminates and subsequent failures avoided.

Interactive UPS:

This model contains an isolation transformer that increases voltage regulation by adjusting the voltage. This type of UPS is extremely useful when a blackout occurs and the inverter converts the energy from the batteries into an alternate current that feeds the load and thus corrects voltage variations and interference.

UPSs Provide Power Load to Devices

UPSs, in addition to protecting, provide an adequate power load to the devices, thus taking care of the devices and the information. At we have a variety of UPSs depending on your needs, and trained personnel to advise you on the best option.

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