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Health Public and Private, Organic Law of Health and Care Actions

Consumption From Tobacco

What in the from the Law organic from Health I know declares What issue from Health public the consumption from tobacco to the consumption excessive from beverages alcohol, as well as the consumption of narcotic and psychotropic substances, outside the therapeutic scope. (Best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore).

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Care Actions

For which it is if health services must carry out comprehensive care actions aimed at people affected by the consumption and exposure to smoke, tobacco, alcoholism, or by the harmful use of psychotropic drugs, narcotics others substances what generate dependence, oriented at his Recovery rehabilitation reintegration Social;

Organic Law Of Health

That of the Organic Law of Health, determines that the establishments subject to sanitary control for their operation must have the permission granted by the national health authority; That, of the law, establishes that the national health authority will regulate, license, and control the operation of public and private health services, with and without profit. (Best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore).

Health Public and Private

What, the from the same law, prescribes what the authority sanitary national will regulate will watch what the services from Health public private, with without purposes profit, guarantee attention timely, efficient from quality according to the approaches beginning defined in bliss law;

That, of the same law, the health services will function, in accordance with their scope of competence, under the technical responsibility of a health professional;

Therapeutic Centers

What, through Resolution Defender Do not? from 18 from December of the 2009, resolved recommend to from Public Health, which must assume its obligation to guarantee the right to health, including the services provided in the so-called therapeutic centers, and recommended a is Purse from Condition. (Best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore).

Rehabilitation From Therapeutic Centers

What, a through from the Unit I station from Health respective, I know proceed with the Procedure correspondent for the closing of a therapeutic center, as well as the investigation of the work carried out by the officials who have under their responsibility the task of supervising the operation check from the effectiveness from the programs from rehabilitation from these centers therapeutic;

Respect For Their Dignity

That recognizes people as autonomous and free beings, for which their right to make their own decisions must guarantees, as respect for their dignity; That people affected by addictions to psychoactive substances are in a high degree of vulnerability.

Regulation of recovery centers for treatment of people with Addictions or dependencies to psychoactive substances.

Purpose And Scope of Application

Art. one. – Object. – The Present regulation have for object set up the rules for the qualification, authorization, regulation, functioning control from the centers of Recovery (CR) for people with problems of addiction to psychoactive substances.

Art. two. – Ambit. The centers from Recovery exclusively will be able realize activities intended to the diagnosis treatment from persons affected for addiction to substances psychoactive, from agreement as the normative issued for the Ministry from Health Public.

Art. three. – In any recovery center where transitory or prolonged internment is necessary for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. The health public, for means, medium from the authority competent a level provincial either district. Will approve the procedures, programs therapeutic. What they must comply with what established in diagnostic protocols, referral, technical standards for licensing and the regulations established of Health. This will do to avoid the violation, reduction, impairment, or annulment of the constitutional rights and guarantees and to guarantee adequate attention from quality.

Of The Classification of Recovery Centers

Art. four. – Classes. – Recovery centers may be public or private and may provide outpatient services or transitory or prolonged internment.

Art. five. – Categories. Recovery centers may offer services in the following categories:

  1. Centers from detox either procommunist;
  2. Community therapy; and,
  3. Centers from recovery comprehensive.

Specialized Therapeutic Centers

The centers referred to in the preceding paragraphs must only serve patients of the same sex, whether: adolescents or adults, so they may not set up mixed centers.

These centers not will be able attend a patients Adults in the same place what a kids, girls teenagers, then I know requires from centers specialized for the attention of the childhood from the population.

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