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Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples
Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples

Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples: List of Buffet with Price

Lahore is known as the ‘Food Capital of Punjab’ due to its diverse culinary culture. From traditional and continental cuisine to oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, Lahore has figured out how to incorporate unique flavors into popular dishes worldwide. Initially, the city’s love for food is heavily influenced by the Mughal era and Punjabi cooking styles. The city offers a wide range of dining options and cradles, perfect for when you want an enticing Lahori meal with your loved ones. Here are the Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples, known for their incredible flavors.

Veranda Bistro

Verandah Bistro is located in DHA Phase 5 and is known for its two menus: Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples and Halo Tea. This cafe is trendy among foodies because of the exceptional support and friendliness of the staff. They serve exciting food like hot chocolate soup.

Price: Buffet lunch 1250 PK+tax

Hello Tea Buffet PKR 1050+tax

Buffet dinner 1650PKR+tax

PC Hotel in Lahore

Tai-Pan is the go-to place for great Chinese food in Lahore. Located in the Pearl Continental Hotel, it can be a great place to enjoy delicious oriental-style cuisine. In addition, the cafe also has a variety of choices for vegetable lovers on its smorgasbord menu, and Tai-Pan will quickly help visitors learn the natural Chinese language.

Price: Buffet lunch/buffet dinner PKR 2250+tax

Monal Restaurants Lahore

Brought to you by Restaurant Monal, Lahore, this restaurant is one of the highly recommended cafes in Lahore. From its breathtaking view of Lahore’s skyline to its exceptional food and friendly staff, Monal is a must-try for one of the city’s most fantastic buffet menus.

Price: Lunch and Hello Tea Buffet PKR 990+tax

Dinner plate PKR 1445+tax

Sunday Breakfast Buffet PKR 995+tax.

Kim’s at Avari Hotel

Kim’s at Awari Hotel, Lahore, offers a unique Buffet of culinary styles including Pakistani, Mediterranean and Continental. This cafe is one of the few specialty restaurants in Lahore that offers an all-day buffet. The dinner buffet includes alternative dishes every night.

Price: Breakfast buffet 1200 PKR+tax

Lunch pad PKR 1700+tax

Buffet dinner PKR 2000+tax

Sunday Breakfast Buffet PKR 2100+tax

Salt’N Pepper Village

Salt Pepper Village is one of Lahore’s famous restaurants, offering a wide selection of Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine. This restaurant is renowned for its impeccable quality of food and quick service. Plus, it’s one of the city’s best-value buffets.

Price: Lunch and Tea Buffet Urimesh 990 PKR+tax

Dinner plate PKR 1595+tax

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