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How to use internal support for your computer

Everyone needs help sometimes. Fortunately, when you need help with a computer program, it’s easy to find it. Most programs have support everywhere, and learning how to use them can make a big difference. You may not find everything you need, but internal support for your computer is a great …

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6 Verses Of The Quran That Are Called Aayaat-Al-Shifa


6 Verses Of The Quran That Are Called Aayaat-Al-Shifa The Holy Quran is the last and most sacred divine book revealed by Allah Almighty on the greatest prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It not only provides the guidelines for living a life according to the orders given by Allah, But also inculcate …

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Motives to Should Read the Holy Quran

Quran online class

Learn Quran Online is So Easy in In today’s Era In today’s modern age people can get education online in the same way that they can join Online Quran Academy so no need to worry. We are providing you with online Quran classes.In which we teach you about Holy Quran. …

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What Makes Teaching Quran Online Class?

best quran online classes

What Makes Teaching Quran Online Class Are you facing a difficult time reading the Quran? Even if you tried your best level, but somehow you can’t read well. You can be a sensitive person, and you may feel that you cannot recite the sacred verses beautifully because something is missing …

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The Reward For Actions Is Based On Intention


The Nature Of Intention مَنۡ یُّرِدْ ثَوَابَ الدُّنْیَا نُؤْتِہٖ مِنْہَا And Who Wants The Reward Of The World. ” Surat Aal e Imran (3) Verse (145) From here the two groups of people are mentioned and it is said that whoever wants only the pleasures and luxuries of the world …

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Windows 10 Quick Tips

Computer Tricks

Prefetch vs Superfetch Prefetch and Superfetch are two very different methods with the same goal in mind: to speed up your computer by storing information about your drive and trying to anticipate what you want to do next. Click here : Computer Tricks Prefetch Prefetch is an algorithm that attempts to …

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Effective Solutions to Windows 10 Backup Not Working Issues


How to create a password reset disk in Windows 10 using a USB drive For Windows users, your login password is one of the most important things you should remember. In case you forget, there are third-party software tools that will help you reset your password. Click Here : Computer Tricks …

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10 Tips for Better Computer and Network Security


1. Upgrade Your Operating System: Make it 64-bit Many companies use the “if not broken, do not fix” philosophy to justify the continued use of Windows XP. But when it comes to security, XP is broken, and the fact that you can still get updates – provided you have Service …

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