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Open heart surgery, a risky procedure

An open heart procedure, or open heart operation, is a surgical procedure which, as the name suggests, involves opening one of the patient’s heart chambers. It is one of the heaviest surgeries surgically, and one of the riskiest because of the way it is performed. What are the indications for …

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What is a thoracotomy?

There are several types of thoracotomy: Anterolateral thoracotomy: emergency maneuver This operation is carried out on the left side of the chest through a 6 to 8 cm incision in order to access the anterior passages of the rib cage and perform cardiac massage with the help of Thoracotomy surgical …

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When the surgeon forgets compresses and other textiles

The phenomenon is marginal but very real. Not a month goes by without a surgical journal publishing a clinical case relating to the forgetting by a surgeon of a compressor a cotton-woven drape in the patient’s body, most often in the patient’s body abdomen. The foreign textile body causes an …

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Five natural hacks for ridding dark circles

dark circle removal

We’ve all been there, slathering ourselves with concealer (among other edgy other options) in the expectations that those dark, grim circles under our eyes will wonderfully vanish. The outcome? A puffy, hopeless fallout. So how to handle dark discoloration in a simple fix and without lashing out monetarily? Vogue looked …

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Surgery or cosmetic care: precautions to take

What to know before taking the plunge – Choose the right practitioner – The quote is mandatory – The cooling-off period: 2 weeks to be sure of your choice Choosing the right practitioner How not to make a mistake? How to choose the right practitioner? This is the central question …

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How to Use Abortion Pills

Abortion pills in Dubai

Abortion pill The abortion pill is possible up to a pregnancy of 9 weeks from the first day of the last menstruation. The abortion pill is a combination of 2 different types of tablets that you take on different days, after which you have a miscarriage. The doctor will decide …

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How to massage your back: the 5 best techniques

Best spa in lahore

Have we ever thought about massaging someone’s back by learning some basics online? But how can we understand which are the most suitable techniques to use for a neophyte massage? And how can I accommodate my “client” without making his life difficult? How to get a massage First of all, …

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In 2021, buy your medical equipment online on Jimy Medical

The benchmark for your medical supply needs Medical equipment refers to the set of tools that will make it possible to make diagnoses and treat medical problems. There are basic types: Diagnostic equipment: to support your diagnosis Medical equipment: useful during your consultations and interventions Therapeutic equipment: well-being Jimy Medical …

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Surgical Instruments: Medical Forceps

Whatever the specialty, the use of medical tweezers is mandatory. However, two categories of forceps can be distinguished: forceps for domestic use and in medical offices and forceps reserved for surgery and hospitals. General practitioners, dentists, nurses, and other specialists that are practicing in an office or at home are …

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Side Effects of Taking Abortion Pills

Side effects of Abortion Pills

The choice to have a fetus removed is rarely simple. Regardless of whether you have monetary weights, an ailment that makes pregnancy perilous, or are right now unequipped for nurturing, finishing your pregnancy might be the alternative you’ve picked. In case you’re in the soonest phases of pregnancy, you might …

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