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World Class Medical Treatment Is Available In All Big Cities Of China


A brief overview of medical services in Guangzhou, China Guangzhou is a thriving metropolis and bustling city on the southern coast of China. It is also the capital of Guangdong Province and the political, economic, scientific, educational, and cultural center of the province. Sites such as the Five Sheep Statue …

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Visceral surgery: technique, indications, precautions

Visceral and digestive surgery is the surgical specialty intended to treat digestive pathologies which affect the abdominal and pelvic area and the thorax with the help of bowel surgery instrument set. It is more and more practiced by minimally invasive surgery and the heavy interventions give rise to a preparation …

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What is a cataract?

Cataracts result in clouding of the lens, the transparent part of the eye that is behind the pupil and iris. This elastic lens of the eye allows light to be focused on the retina by modifying its curvatures during accommodation. When the lens loses its transparency, light rays no longer …

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Laparotomy or laparoscopy

A route first refers to the route used to access the organ or area to be operated on. Three main routes are used to operate for cervical cancer: laparotomy, laparoscopy and the vaginal route. The course Performed under general anesthesia, laparotomy requires fasting. In order to access the injured organ, …

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Thyroid your health – About therapy

About the surgery For many thyroid disorders, surgery is the best treatment with the help of thyroid surgical instrument set. Thyroid surgery is one of the most widely performed surgical procedures in Europe. There are several surgical options, and your surgeon will discuss with you what type of procedure is …

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Anatomical reminders on the cervical disc herniation

The human neck has seven cervical vertebrae, all separated by shock absorbers: the intervertebral discs. A herniated cervical disc is an injury to a disc that separates two vertebrae in your neck. The lesion of the disc (disc disease), caused either by trauma or more often by wear and tear, …

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Cesarean section: for whom, for what?

During childbirth, cesarean section is indicated if there is an obstacle to the passage of the child by “vaginal route”, when it is necessary to terminate the pregnancy before term or when the baby’s life is threatened. Learn about the main causes of having a Caesarean section, as well as …

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Extra peritoneal cesarean section: a gentler technique

Anyone who has had a Caesarean knows how frustrated it can be that you couldn’t give birth naturally. This is what convinced Dr. Bénédicte Simon, surgeon, gynecologist-obstetrician in Versailles to perform cesarean sections by extra peritoneal route. At first, it looks like a classic cesarean: the operation takes place in …

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Medicalized births: what consequences for my baby?

Births by cesarean section, with forceps, suction cups, or epidurals, or delivery surgical instrument set scheduled deliveries or post-term births are among the medicalized births that require special attention from the medical team. Birth by forceps, spatulas or suction cups The use of forceps, spatulas or suction cups is necessary …

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