It is usually used for the manufacture of transport packaging. Its main features: easy processing, sawing, planing, drilling, chiselling, nail, etc.; excellent strength-to-weight ratio, elasticity, ability to withstand shock, vibration, strong pressure, etc. The disadvantage is that it contracts and swells, rots and burns, and is also susceptible to harmful organisms.

Wooden packaging boxes can be divided into the following categories depending on their structure:

  1. Ordinary wooden box: A wooden box made of plate boxes, boxes, etc. The contents of ordinary wooden boxes should not exceed 200㎏. It consists of a side, end, bottom and cover. The end surface is mounted on the side surface, and then the bottom and cover are mounted on the side surface and the end surface.

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  1. Wooden sliding box: wooden frame with a sliding wooden structure, wooden box made of plate plate and side. A sliding wooden box is a medium-sized wooden box, the content of which is limited to 200-1500㎏, external dimensions of length, width and height are limited 7 m, width and height below 1.5 m, mainly used for packaging mechanical products, but also for small pieces of cargo. Conventional wooden crates are mainly carried from the end and side, while sliding wooden crates are mainly wooden crates based on which can carry greater loads than conventional wooden crates. Sliding wooden box (box B). A sliding wooden box consists of a base, side, end surface and top cover. Side and end surfaces are first installed on the base, and then a top cover is installed on the side and end surfaces. Suitable for packaging and transporting bulky equipment, electromechanical products or heavy equipment and production lines.

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  1. Wooden box with frame: side and end are connected to the box with a secret and frame structure, and the chassis is a wooden box made of sliding wood. 2. The frame wooden box is a large wooden box. The maximum weight and maximum external dimensions of the wooden crate are determined in accordance with normal transportation conditions. As a rule, the external length of the wooden frame is less than 12 m, the external width is less than 3.5 m and the external height is less than 3.5 m. The content weight is in the range of 500-20000 kg. This wooden box is mainly used for packaging large mechanical products, and can also be used for packaging small items. Frame wooden box also consists of a base, side, end surface and top cover. The structural difference between them is as follows: the boxboard of a wooden box with a frame is a vertical board: the boxboard of a wooden box with a frame is on the outside, and the frame is completely located in the box; when the wooden frame box is assembled, two sides are first installed on the base and two sides. Finally, the top cover is tied; both are based on the base to carry the load, but a wooden box with a frame has more frame structures at the end and sides than a sliding wooden box. It is because of these frame structures that the wooden frame is more slippery. Wooden crates can carry much larger loads. Frame wooden boxes can be divided into type Ⅰ (wooden boxes with an internal frame) in accordance with the structure: the frame elements are inside the box plate, which is suitable for general maintenance; type Ⅱ (wooden frames with an external frame): the frame structure is located on the outside of the box plate, which is suitable. It is solid in the length direction and has a fairly rigid interior. The main provisions of its design take into account such handling conditions as transportation, loading and unloading and storage, which are usually provided.
  2. Closed wooden box: a closed wooden box, the surface of which is nailed or made of wooden boards.
  3. Lattice box: a wooden box in the shape of a fence, the surface of which is nailed with wooden planks. Suitable for internal transport packaging of products such as large plastic parts, a napkin or car glass.
  4. Steel wire tie box: connect the box plates with steel wire to form each box surface and fasten the wooden box with the box files.

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