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Preliminary Approach and Search Bibliometric Analysis of Results

Results and Discussion

Preliminary Approach and Search Bibliometric

The first phase of the investigation consisted in carrying out the sequential search. Table 1 shows the results obtained in the different stages of said search. For each of the search strategies, the number of articles obtained and the percentage of results with respect to the previous search have been determined. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

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At first glance, it can see how Scopus provides a much higher number of results than WOS (between 8 and 11 times more results).

Project Management Knowledge

The value of the %RBA (percentage with respect to the previous search) provides relevant information to analyze the current state of knowledge. The results show that within the current state of project management knowledge, between 20% and 26% refer to the construction sector. Within the current state of knowledge of project management in the construction sector, a quarter study the aspects of control and monitoring.

Field Of Knowledge of Project Management

Represents the contribution of the construction and the aspects of control and monitoring within the field of knowledge of project management. Search strategy is the result of a superficial study of the documents obtained to date. Some of them did not belong to the construction sector and had selected by search engines due to polysemy. Between 10-20% of the articles selected to date referred to aspects related to medicine, industry, biology, electronics, or mechanics. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

This fourth strategy can consider as a result refinement strategy. The refinement of the results shows that the articles support between 40% and 46% of the knowledge. More than 90% of the articles published in English.

Bibliometric Search Sequence

1          “Project Management”

2          “Project Management” And (Construction* Or Building*)

3          “Project Management” (Control* Or Monitor*)

4          (Building*) And (Control* Or Monitor*)

Note: %RBA = Percentage with respect to the previous search. T/A/K = Search by “Title”, “Abstract” or “Keywords”

Control and monitoring in the construction sector within the field of project management.

Purification Of the Results

Table 2 shows the debugging results obtained using the Refworks tool. Among the articles selected by WOS, no duplicates found, neither by the accuracy criterion nor by the proximity criterion. However, among the articles selected by Scopus, 6 similar and 1 identical have found. In principle, it expects that within the same search the results would be unique, but using the Refworks tool, a small percentage of duplication in the search has detected using Scopus (0.47%).(Construction Companies in Lahore).

Regarding the number of common articles, a total of 13 articles have detected using the accuracy criterion and a total of 108 articles using the similarity criterion. A total of 121 scientific articles are present in both the WOS and Scopus databases. This result indicates that there is 34% of the WOS results that have not obtained through the Scopus search. Even though the number of articles obtained with Scopus is eight times higher than that obtained by WOS. This reflects the importance of not searching only one database, since an important part of the information can leave behind. omitted.

Data Cleansing Using Refworks


exact duplicates       0          one     13

similar duplicates     0          6          108

0          7          121

Analysis Of the Results

The aspects of the current state of knowledge of CMPM in construction that have analyzed in this article are:

  • Evolution of the number of publications.
  • Countries with the highest contribution scientific.
  • Journals with the greatest contribution (greater number of publications)
  • Journals with the greatest impact according to different indicators (JCR, SJR and SNIP)
  • Authors with the greatest contribution to the field of study.
  • Most relevant articles (greater number of quotes).

Evolution Of the Number of Publications

When analyzing the evolution of scientific articles over time, a great difference observed between the information provided by Scopus and by WOS. According to the information obtained from Scopus, the first article related to the subject in question dates to 1979. During the 1980s, research activity stabilized at around 20 articles per year. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

Research Activity

Starting in the 1990s, there was an exponential increase until reaching a maximum of 90 articles/year in 1996. Subsequently, there was a period of decrease in research activity, reaching a minimum of 35 articles/year in 2001. However, in the first decade of the 21st century, an exponential increase in research activity occurred again, reaching a historical maximum. in the year 2004 of

140 items/year. Current trends show a decline in research activity (note that the 2012 data is incomplete and therefore cannot considered when analyzing the results). The information obtained from WOS shows a stable evolution of between 0 and 20 articles per year from 1990 to the present. Figure 2 represents the evolution of the publications according to the results obtained from Scopus and WOS.

Countries with The Highest Contribution Scientific

Both the information obtained from Scopus and the information obtained from WOS show that the United States is, by far, the country that has contributed the most to the development of the state of knowledge of CMPM in construction, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

Greatest Contribution to Research

This shows the 5 countries with the greatest contribution to research according to Scopus and according to WOS. The most significant difference between Scopus and WOS is that. According to Scopus, Hong Kong is the fourth country in terms of scientific contribution. That in the field of study with 54 articles and yet, in WOS, Hong Kong occupies the 30th position with only one article.

Article According to WOS, the United States and Canada contribute around 50% of the scientific articles and the first five countries contribute 78% of the current state of knowledge. According to Scopus the percentages are 30% and 44% respectively.

Countries With the Greatest Scientific Contribution

Note: Nº= number of articles; %= percentage with respect to the total number of articles produced; %accum. = accumulated percentage. Pos.=position of the country according to the database.

Review Analysis

The review analysis focuses on the control and monitoring of the projects. The study conducted through a literature search using Web of Science and Scopus databases. The most important journals, articles and authors of the field shown in this paper.

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