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Projects The Multi-Family Building with The Lowest Energy Demand

Projects The Multi-Family Building with The Lowest Energy Demand

Bedrooms designed under the standard in the southern part of the city. It promotes under the owners’ cooperative regime and its construction will begin in the last quarter of 2022. Average monthly consumption in heating, cooling and DHW of 50, with electricity prices forecast for 2024. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

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Architecture Studio

The architecture studio has more than 75 certified homes and another 39 in execution. Passive houses save up to 60% energy and increase their value by 20% in the medium term, with respect to the construction of the market.

Designed A Pioneering Projects

The studio has designed a pioneering project. This is, a block of five floors and 69 homes that aspires to be the first large multi-family building with certification in the region.

Construction Schedules

Whose construction schedules to begin in October, includes 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes with large private terraces and common outdoor spaces, as well as a private club, swimming pools, gym, gourmet room and play areas. The building will locate urbanization, one of the fastest-growing areas, and promoted as a cooperative of owners.

Construction Management

Author of the project and responsible for the construction management, is currently the architecture studio with the most certified homes, with a total of 75, which add up to an area of ​​more than 13,000m built. In addition, another 39 homes are in the process of construction and subsequent certification; while 101 more are in the project phase, with work beginning in 2022.

Thus, adding the houses that will certifies in the next two years, architecture studio will reach a figure of more than 215 houses (more than 25,000 m 2 built) with some of the official certifications of the Institute, including all the arc of single-family and multi-family typologies.

Major Interest Houses With Low Energy Demand

Given the growing interest of buyers today in living in houses with low energy demand, emerges. A project in which the studio, with extensive experience in residential buildings. Will apply the standard for the first time in a collective housing property to obtain the LEB certification, which will accredit its low energy consumption. Thus, the homes of will spend an average of 50 euros per month on heating, cooling and DHW, taking current electricity prices as a reference.

Houses With A Heat Recovery System

Results that achieved, among other techniques, by using more insulation than usual, eliminating thermal bridges (points where heat lost in winter or gained in summer), by installing high-performance windows or taking care of the envelope to that it be hermetic, without unwanted infiltrations, with the complement of permanent ventilation with a heat recovery system.

Houses With Energy Savings

A house requires a higher initial investment (between 4-6%) that amortizes in the short term due to energy savings, which can be up to 60% compared to market construction according to the Technical Building Code (CTE). Among the advantages for the buyer is, therefore, the reduction of the energy mortgage: the economic extra cost that the energy consumption of a home entails throughout its useful life. Some additional costs are higher the less efficient the home is, and that do not stop increasing in households in these times of historical highs in energy prices.

Houses Revalued Real Estate

The lower energy consumption, added to the high construction qualities required by the certification, means that these houses revalued in the market above average. A house certified by the standard reaches a revaluation 20% higher than others of the same type and age, according to the International Real Estate Professionals.

Architecture And Urban Planning

An architecture and urban planning studio founded in 1991 with numerous outstanding projects in both residential and tertiary, rehabilitation, and public buildings. Among them, the shopping center or the 72 apartments for the elderly convent.

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