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Gas Safety Certificate Cost London: For Tenants

Defective or damaged gas appliances, gas pipes, and clogged chimneys and chimneys can be life-threatening. If you live in a rental property, here’s what you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe.

Gas Safety for Tenants

Landlords are legally obligated to arrange Gas Safety Certificate Cost London for their rental property. It is very important for landlords to carry out these inspections annually to ensure that all gas appliances are safe and in continuous use. Tests may include:

  • Ensure that combustion products (smoke) are safely expelled through the chimney or flue.
  • Make sure the appliance burns gas properly and has an adequate supply of fresh air
  • Power down the device if an error occurs


If a Gas Safe registration engineer visits your home for a security check, it’s important to allow it, but don’t forget to check her Gas Safe ID card first. This is proof that you have a gas safety record and shows what kind of work you are suitable for. Learn more about gas boilers and safety signs to look out for.

Gas Safety Record

If an engineer performs gas safety testing on a rental property, record the completed testing on the form. This is called a Gas Safety Certificate Cost London and should list all appliances and accessories to be checked. Whether renting from a private landlord, council, housing association, or another type of tenant, they must provide her with a copy of this record within 28 days of the check. New tenants starting a tenancy should get a copy of the latest records.

If you don’t have a current copy of your gas safety register (sometimes called a tenant safety certificate), ask your landlord to provide it. Failure to do so may be reported to London Property Inspections. Failure to comply with gas safety requirements and gas tenant rights is a crime and HSE can issue a formal warning and prosecute the landlord.

Carbon monoxide (CO) alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is especially dangerous because it can be deadly and cannot be seen, tasted or smelled. We recommend investing in a carbon monoxide alarm. You can buy one at a DIY shop for around £20. Make sure your kite complies with Gas Safety Certificate Cost London and displays the UK Kitemark standard.

Gas Safety for Students in Rental Housing

As a student, your landlord needs to make sure gas appliances in the property are safe to use, so you are just like any other tenant. Knowing your rights and the warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning can save lives. If you have your own electrical appliances, or in certain other circumstances, they may not be subject to the landlord’s legal liability. Learn more about landlord responsibilities here.

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