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Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan

How Starch Bags are Sustainable Cycle of Our Products

As a social industry

As a social industry, we were born with the purpose of providing solutions through alternatives of “better packaging” made from bioplastic, to the problems of the high level of single-use plastic garbage and the high level of organic waste in landfills. Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan.

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Better packaging

We are Consciousness with Science. We are born with sustainability in our DNA and transversal to all our operations.

Focus on the areas of Research + Development + Innovation

Aligned with 6 United Nations SDGs

Paraguayan Industry

First manufacturer of bioplastic products in the country.

Biodegradable and compostable products

Raw material with international certifications: TUV Austria home compost; EN 13432 (EU); AS4736 (Aus) and ASTM6400 (USA).

Customizable Products

The bags can be printed on both sides and four colors with the image of your organization.

our impact

circular economy

We encourage the sustainable cycle of our compostable products.

Minimal carbon footprint

Our bioplastic products have an environmental impact of 80% less than a common plastic product.

Environmental impact

Minimum impact of our products from their origin, their production process and even their correct disposal.

Social impact

As a result of the reduction of plastic and organic waste in landfills with composting, we will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases resulting in an improvement in the quality of air, water and soil and a better quality of life for all.

Sustainable Cycle of Our Products

The products manufactured with a material called bioplastic, of European origin, produced from raw materials from renewable sources such as starches and vegetable oils.

We promote the separation of garbage and its correct disposal, since the technology of our products allows them to disposed of together with organic garbage and thus biodegrade and compost, reintegrating into the earth in 90-180 days.

The final product of the composting process is the ‘compost’ or organic fertilizer, which contributes to nourishing the soil through the recovery of nutrients from organic waste, taking it back to the natural cycle. In this way, contributes to the reduction of not only plastic but also organic garbage in landfills, which today in Paraguay represents 70%.


Our products are compostable (and therefore biodegradable) and fulfill the dual purpose of replacing common single-use plastic also providing a solution to the problem of excess organic waste in landfills. Start separating your organic waste at home. Start composting today!

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