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Packaging as Marketing Tool

Packaging as Marketing ToolIn today’s global world of marketing, packaging as a marketing tool has got much importance ever than before. Companies are using packaging as a marketing tool in their marketing strategy. They say that they are forced to use packaging as a marketing tool in their marketing plan due to heavy competition in this field.

Gone are the days when boxes or cartons were considered as a packaging material only. Now these are used for dual purposes of packaging as well as marketing. Companies are now using packaging as a marketing tool as their competitive advantage. Innovative techniques are being adopted to remain on top in the industry.

Different methods are used to achieve marketing goals through packaging boxes.

  1. Through printing:

Printing can be used as an effective tool for marketing your products. You can print your brand logos, designs and pictures on packaging boxes. You can excel your competitors by printing 1. Expiry date 2. Product contents 3. Using instructions, etc.

  1. Through packaging design/shape:

You can give different designs to your product packaging to stand it out from your competitors. Different shapes of packaging can be used to brand your product through packaging. You can also offer individual designs and shapes to your packaging boxes to cater the needs of individual customer, like display boxes, etc.

  1. Through facilitating feature:

You can add extra features to your packaging to facilitate its handling, its opening and use. It can be done by adding handles to carry the product. You can add funnel  to your bottle’s mouth for easy pouring of liquid materials. You can add easy opening cap to your bottles. These all steps will boost your sale.

  1. Customer oriented service:

You can win your marketing share by providing special services, like home delivery, preparing package at customers’ homes and picking these from there. You can also provide free ‘packaging solution service’ to win your customers confidence and in turn to increase your sale.

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