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Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore

Publication On Behavioral Sciences and Mental Hygiene to Neurology and Psychiatry

Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore

Evolution Of the Psychiatric Analysis

To analyze what happens in psychiatric care, it must place in the historical framework that tries to collect the evolution of the psychiatric currents of the time. The connection between psychiatry and the medical model facilitated the professional legitimacy of this specialty that was longed for since the 19th century psychiatrists. Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore.

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As a key figure in this fact, it is worth highlighting the figure, who facilitates psychiatry to acquire the status of a scientific discipline. Also promoting the necessary measures to implement an international training system for outstanding professionals who trains. Creating a school that allows psychiatrists of the stature to appear etc.

Biomedical Model

From the point of view of the biomedical model, the organicist-biologist of mental illness consolidates. This with a close relationship with Kraepelin psychiatry. Although the introduction of this current was quite delayed. Acquiring great consistency thanks to the neuropathological influence of the school.

Biologist Model

During this period and during subsequent decades, psychiatric nursing dominated the biologist model. With a moralizing and adaptive thought to the prevailing ideology. Asylum psychiatry continues to be the healthcare model and place of confinement for patients. Excluding all types of currents that were not the official ones. Establishing a separation between the psychiatric nurse from the rest of the care system, thus hindering their professional growth. Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore.

Psychoanalyst Ideas

However, the psychiatric movements linked to hypnotism penetrate quickly. In the era of initial years of the 20th century. Psychoanalyst ideas introduce in our country despite the great tradition of organicist psychiatry created. Paradoxically, some of his disciples defended approaches.

Asylums Perceived

The development of the medical profession throughout these years exercises in different areas that not always interconnects. On the one hand, there were the asylums perceived as custody centers for the incurable. Many of them private, becoming asylum and judicial centers that remained in precarious conditions, increasing illnesses, and increasing mortality, which could reach up to 33%.


The mental patient locks up in macro-institutions subjected to a harsh discipline due to the difficulty of his cure. And for a different good, the university chairs. The teaching staff linked to the universities was involved in political issues, forcing the psychiatrists to take different paths. Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore.

Biological Tendencies

The theoretical contributions of the authors who remained on had strong biological tendencies with references to psychiatry. Among these texts on psychiatry, one of the most widely used at the time was on Psychiatry. As was the case of professionals of the stature of or in the country.

Among these texts on psychiatry, one of the most widely used at the time as was the case of professionals of the stature of the country.

Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric nursing anchors in the asylum, focused on the containment and custody of internees, ensuring compliance with the rules of the institution, and limited to the application of biological treatments.

Publication To Neurology and Psychiatry

One of the most significant events from the point of view of the institutionalization process in the 20th century was the publication of the journal in 1940. This publication was important for its double opening to sciences related to neurology and psychiatry. Both from the somatic side and from the psychological, philosophical, and sociological side. Psychiatric Treatment Center in Lahore.

In this year it is necessary to point out the foundation of Society of Neurology and Psychiatry. Chaired as well as the organization in 1942 of the National Congress of Neurology and Psychiatry.

Congress Of Mental Hygiene

In 1946, the year of the controversial oppositions in which took office for access to the chair position. This begins to publish, and promoted. In 1947, the first Board of Directors of the Mental Hygiene League updates. However, did not participate in the International Congress of Mental Hygiene until a year later. And the organization of the Second Congress of said Association a year later.

Scientific Foundations on Behavioral Sciences

Currently, while psychiatric nursing continues to reproduce old mannerisms and routines. Different currents appear abroad whose objective focuses on seeking scientific c foundations for the profession. Theories and models that specify the theoretical framework of current nursing begin to formulates. Highlighting the figure in the field of mental health of based on behavioral sciences.


Undoubtedly, all these changes have helped mental health nurses develop asylum seekers into more focused care settings. It focuses on patient recovery and aims to meet the health needs of individuals, families, and communities.

This change is significant, but there are insufficient resources and complementary community support that prevent the ongoing and widespread treatment of people with mental health problems.

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