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The inserts in the play boxes are of crucial importance for the storage of the toys and playful products packed in them. They are just as important as the boxes themselves, as they provide full support to keep the packaged toys and games original and to protect them from damage and other transportation or environmental issues that may affect their functionality. Designing such missions could be more fun than stress and fear. Homemade side dishes could be more authentic and useful compared to pre-made ones.

Game box inserts design process

Here we will work out the step-by-step design process for such deployments, which will surely help you create your own effectively. With the following steps, you can produce inserts for any type of packaging container without any special effort.

1. Collection of materials

The first and most important step in forming stakes for the custom game boxes  are to collect the best quality materials. To design inserts, you need materials such as foam boards with a thickness of 5 mm, a self-healing cutting mat, the metal ruler with cork back, milling cutter, glue and tailoring needles. Low quality materials could not serve the purpose perfectly. Therefore, make sure that you have collected the required materials in the best possible quality.

2. Estimation of size and dimensions:

After collecting the necessary items, it is very important to measure the dimensions and size of the boxes for which you want to design inserts. So get the exact dimensions of all components of the box and the required size of the inserts so that you can easily produce the desired elements for perfect product packaging in the next steps. Depending on the size of the toys and game elements, the dimensions of the space and the required stakes help you to achieve a perfect match with your boxes. Inaccurate measurements can waste material and time. Therefore, concentrate during the measurements.

3. Draw your insert design:

As soon as you are finished with the measurements, you can now place your core foam board on the self-healing cutting partner to draw your insert designs according to the dimensions and requirements of the respective container. Once you’ve decided on your design, draw it on the foam core. Make sure that you have drawn all of the required parts according to the requirements of your expected insert design before proceeding to the next step, as the absence of a single part can complicate the whole process.

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4. Cut the desired pieces:

When you’re done drawing the insert design on the foam core, now cut with soft hands after the design to avoid material loss. Use a sharp cutter to cut the foam core in three to four attempts. Make sure that each piece has been cut into the correct shape.

5. Make connections:

If your foam core sections cross, you need to make connections. To make perfect connections, cut notches on the bottom of one piece and the top of the other and slide them to collect. For simplicity, you can remember to cut notches on the bottom of the horizontal parts and on the vertical parts. Cuts are made at the top.

6. Label each piece:

After completing the cutting process, make sure that you have labeled each piece according to the insert design. Otherwise, there may be confusion when putting together these stakes for the game boxes. To make it easy to remember the purpose of each piece, you can write it on paper for a perfect assembly.

7. Assemble in the game box:

Once you have finished making and labeling all the inserts you need, now is the time to put them together in the game boxes in wholesale and further increase their productivity and utility. To permanently attach them to the boxes, you can use high-quality glue if other adhesives that let these parts adhere to the respective boxes for a long time and help the packaging to best serve its purpose.

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