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Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan

Market Research for Biodegradable Bags for Economic and Social Justification

Theme Of Research

The main topic of the research is the market for biodegradable bags for the collection of dog waste the characteristics of both supply and demand analyzed. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).

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In the same way, it will explain what biodegradable bags are, highlighting their own characteristics and advantages. The technical regulations involved and the appropriate quality standards that must consider for its manufacture will indicate. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).

Additionally, the methods to produce biodegradable bags made from the starch extracted from the well-known tuber, the potato, will investigate.

Problem Of Research

Currently, there is many people who travel accompanied by a plastic bag, due to the multiple uses it has. It is public knowledge that the consumption of these has been increasing in recent years, which is why it has become a serious pollution problem worldwide.

According to the Environment (2018), on average it estimated that each citizen uses 30 kilograms of plastic annually, a figure that has been growing over the years. For this reason, in December 2018.

Objectives Of the Research

Goal General

Demonstrate the viability from commercial, technique, financial Social from the facility from a production plant for biodegradable bags from starch dad.

Goals Specific

  • Estimate the market in which organic products found and reach feasibility through indexes of market.
  • Carry out a study that helps determine the variables that will need for the project such as demand and supply, as well as other indices that will contribute to the analysis of location and size of plant.
  • Study the economic and financial feasibility that indicates the total investment and financing that will need to prepare the project.


Justification Technique

The technology to use throughout the production process is available on the market and is within reach for easy acquisition. In the Peruvian industry there are producers of biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable bags that acquired the machinery to used. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).

Justification Economical

For the manufacturing from the bags, the matter cousin it is the acid polylactic (PLA). The which not have a cost so high then produced a leave from corn, yucca, come in others means natural. Its natural composition allows it to be biodegradable and does not remain in the environment for long. weather. Saying compound, it commercialized worldwide for multiple applications, as it is not a scarce resource and has become very popular especially for the industry of plastic alternatives and printing 3D.

Justification Social

Awareness campaigns about caring for the environment have allowed many individuals I know give bill of the damage irreversible from the contamination plastic. Of the Similarly, in 2018 the “Plastics Law approved, in which the government took measures to help combat the uncontrolled handling of plastic waste and its excessive consumption that lacked a legal framework regulatory.

Specifically, the project justifies in this situation of great relevance in which increased people are opting for eco-friendly alternatives. People are on the lookout constant from products less pollutants with the which feel what contribute to the environment and its preservation. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).


The installation of a production plant for biodegradable bags from potato starch is commercially, technically, financially, and socially feasible.

Framework Referential

  • Obtaining and characterizing a biodegradable from potato starch and low-density polyethylene by injection.

Similarity: This research highlights the poor biodegradability of synthetic polymers, it which cause a great damage and impact in the means, medium environment. Besides, describes what machinery can use to obtain and form the biopolymer.

Difference: Does not explain the process of obtaining potato starch or the process of converting it into a biopolymer.

  • Obtaining characterization and comparative analysis of biodegradable polymers from cassava, potato, and corn.

Similarity: The research emphasizes that the production of biopolymers based on potato starch is adequate. This occurs not only because of its characteristics, which improve with a heat treatment; but because Peru is a great producer of this raw material which can exploit for this use generating a great income economic. In addition, describes the process from obtaining of the starch from the pope and his subsequent conversion into a biopolymer.

Difference: The research focuses on the comparison of the compositions and behaviors of biopolymers made from cassava, potato, or corn starch.

  • Manufacture of bioplastics from residual starch obtained from potato peelers and completion of their biodegradability at the level of laboratory.

Similarity: Explains in detail the process of obtaining starch, formation of biopolymers and its characteristics. In the same way, it emphasizes the delay in the biodegradation of synthetic plastics derived from petroleum.

Difference: The focus of this source is clearly the obtaining of bioplastics; it does not mention the formation of bags using this as raw material.

Conceptual Framework – Theoretical

For a greater understanding of the research, key definitions will present and that will allow a greater understanding.

  • Polylactic acid: It is a biodegradable material that is composed of renewable resources, What for example of the wheat, corn Y products rich in starch (Hey, 2019).
  • Starch: It is a substance that plants store their food, such as tubers, seeds, among others. This used in the food industry and production of biodegradable products.
  • Bioplastic: These fulfill the function of plastics, but are 100% biodegradable and with the same resistance. In addition, they allow the reduction of the carbon footprint and do not use non-renewable raw materials (Sustainability, 2019).
  • Eco-friendly: This term used for products that do not harm the environment, contributing to green living and practices that help conserve natural resources (El Liberal, 2019).
  • Oxo-Biodegradable: These are materials that can degrade in indoor or outdoor environments, even without the presence of water.

Replacing Plastic with Reusable Bags

They published the law that regulates single-use plastic, which has the objective of reducing the generation of waste from this material and replacing it with reusable bags that contribute to the environment.

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