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Christmas Offer – 20% Off – Damascus Steel Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives: Buy Your Ideal Hunting Knife at Damascus1.com As hunters often use their hunting knives, they are demanding on the performance of their knife. Their requirements vary according to the use they make of it. In all cases, the knife must have a good grip, for example with a …

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Damascus Steel Hunting Knife – Best Tool for Survival

Hunting Knives: The Indispensable Help in Extreme Conditions Damascus Hunting Knives are sturdy and reliable knives. This is the heaviest category of outdoor knives. They have been designed to pull their users from all delicate situations. Hunting Knives are therefore made to be used in extreme situations. To set traps, …

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My Review on Damascus1 – Best way to Buy Damascus Knives

Folding Pocket Knives and Multi function Pliers: Damascus1 Offers You The Best Choice We offer over a hundred folding pocket knives, stationary knives, hunting knives, chef knives, kitchen knives and multi-function pliers tested and selected for you. And a lot of these items in stock. From Swiss pocket knife to Laguiole, …

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Damascus Steel Pocket Knives – Christmas up to 40% Off

Damascus Pocket Knives: Find Here the Most Beautiful Products Damascus pocket knives give off style, success and taste. Gentleman’s knives and EDC pocket knives: they are all available with a damask steel blade. More than a ‘simple pocket knife’, perfect to stand out and show your difference. Luxury and style: that’s why we …

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Damascus Steel Chef Knife – Handmade Knives for Sale

Damascus Steel Chef Knife – Handmade Knives for Sale Damascus Chef Knife is a high-performance Damascus knife collection of 67 layers.It offers a balance between sharpness of the cut, edge retention and rust resistance. This result is achieved by rolling 67 layers of steel in a single blade – A high-carbon …

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Damascus Steel Folding Knife – Up to 50% Christmas Offer

The Brand of knife Damascus Folding Knife The knife is your best ally for all your outings in kind. It must be practical enough and strong enough to allow you to do all your work. You certainly had to see or used a Damascus Folding Knife. This brand of American …

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