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Buying Property in Turkey
Buying Property in Turkey

The Documents and Steps Necessary to Buying Property in Turkey

There are a number of steps that must be completed before you can Buying Property in Turkey. These are explained in detail below.

A- Separation of tax numbers:

When you start looking for a Buying Property in Turkey. You need to extract the tax number. In general, this is the first step in the process of owning real estate in Turkey. And this number cannot take any action that it does not have with everyone in Turkish territory. Buying and selling real estate in Turkey. You do not even apply for Turkish citizenship by Investment and this number extraction process is simple and free. You will need a valid bank account and passport for the required documents. This is because it is necessary to determine the place of residence in Turkey.

B- An official document notarized by a lawyer:

Before Buying Property in Turkey, you need to translate all your official documents with the sworn translator. Authentication with a Lawyer – All certificates and documents such as passports, birth certificates, family data, etc. are legalized after a home purchase contract is signed in Istanbul. They are also accredited as notaries.

C- I have a bank account:

You need a bank account before you can Buying Property in Turkey. This is because purchases and payments can only be made through the bank. Can’t pay cash

D- Issuance of a Certificate of Rights:

This is the most important document proving ownership of an asset. Therefore, you need to verify the certificate. The rules in it and the name of the main owner and then copy and send a copy to transfer the ownership of the property to the new owner.

E- Signing the bilateral contract:

The procedure for buying real estate in Turkey only after the purchase agreement is personally signed by the owner and the client. Of course, the purchase agreement must be translated into English if the agent can act and sign on behalf of the client unless there is a real estate agent, to be clear.

F- Payment of real estate tax:

There is a basic tax to be paid when buying an property in Istanbul. This is a property tax, if you buy directly, you will only have to pay once. Its value is estimated at 4% of the property price and is paid equally between the seller and the buyer within the Turkish Tax Department. There is also a municipality fee to be paid annually which is equal to 0.0003% of the property value.

Please note that all water, electricity and gas bills must be paid prior to transfer of ownership. This is because the ownership of these meters must be transferred to the new owner. New owners have to pay for property insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters.

Documents required to obtain a certificate of ownership:

A- Copy of a valid passport after it has been translated and certified by a notary public

B- Two recent personal photos

C- Copy of the original land ownership

D- Copy of the project building permit

So it turns out that the process of Buying Property in Turkey is not complicated. But you have to pay attention to the details so that there are no complications or errors that you cannot live without. You can also use the real estate office in Istanbul. This will help you to find the purpose of selling cheap apartments in Istanbul. Feel free to visit Buying Property in Turkey or any type of house in Istanbul. Maybe you will find your dream home!
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