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The frame and the roof.

Whether the framework is traditional or based on small farms (see the frame), construction begins with a workshop phase: the elements are prefabricated to the desired dimensions and then assembled and installed. An under roof is laid: film (plastic or bituminous fabric) resistant to water, but permeable to water vapor) responsible for sealing the accidental defects of the roof during important weather events: upwelling or of snow between the tiles, with the valleys (meeting of 2 panels with angle reentrant).With the roof, are askedZinc: all solutions, formerly made of zinc, to ensure the water tightness and the flow of rainwater: gutters, gutters, valleys.

The putting out of air.

When the roof and openings are laid the house is out of water out of the air.

This is an important step because:

It usually gives rise to a payment

This is the stage from which we can begin to set up interior equipment and finishes,

It is a stage where the client can take the hand to complete the completion of the house himself (see the choice of the work to do yourself).

Interior partitioning.

The choice of partitioning construction material is important and may vary from room to room. For example:

Phonically insulating material in rooms

A water repellent material in bathroom.

The assembly maybe:

Wet: the materials are assembled with mortar or glue, the partitions are then made of brick, plaster tiles or cellular concrete (provide the bleedings for the electrical network),

Dry: large panels placed on wood or metal frames incorporating thermal and acoustic insulation and allowing without apparent bleeding the passage of electrical ducts.

Equipment and interior coatings.

The electrician who, in compliance with specific standards, installs the electrical network (switchboard, circuit breakers, outlets, lighting),

The plumber, possibly heating engineer, who installs the water, gas, bath and shower tray, faucet, hot water tank, evacuations etc. …

The tiler who poses floor coverings and tiles,

The painter who intervenes to protect and decorate the walls: exterior plaster or plaster if the mason has not already made them, interior paints or wallpapers.

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