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Important UPS Preventive Maintenance Tasks to Avoid Downtime

Equipments Dependent on Clean Power Supply

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) is your business’s first line of defense against power variations: spikes, dips, etc. With thousands of dollars (or much more) of IT equipment. (UPS Maintenance contract in Pakistan).

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Dependent on a clean power supply, it is impossible to afford to wait for problems with your UPS system before acting – preventative maintenance is critical to the uptime and to protect sensitive electronics.

Preventable Downtime

About two-thirds of downtime due to failures is preventable, and insufficient maintenance is one of the main causes of downtime. You may not be able to do much about malicious attacks, service provider failures, and unforeseen equipment failures. But you can take steps to ensure many such potential events disillusioned.

Preventive maintenance covers the full range of electrical and electronic systems in your business, and each system has its own needs. For the UPS system, here are several tips (in no order) to help ensure power fluctuations do not threaten your IT equipment. (UPS Maintenance contract in Pakistan)

Ups Preventive Maintenance Tips

Put safety first. Life and limbs must always outweigh the economic factor. When it comes to electrical power, you can always be one small mistake away from serious injury or death. So, when working with UPSs (or any electrical system), make sure safety is a priority: that includes observing manufacturer recommendations, paying attention to implementation details peculiar to installations, and following standard safety guidelines. If you are unsure about any aspect of your UPS system or how to maintain or repair it, you can always count on for specialist advice.

Schedule Maintenance

Schedule maintenance and stick to it. Preventative maintenance should not be something you will just “get into,” particularly given the potential costs of downtime that an unplanned failure can bring. For your UPS, you should schedule regular maintenance activities (annual, semi-annual or any time).

And follow that schedule. That includes keeping a written record (paper or electronic) that lists upcoming maintenance activities and if or when previous maintenance performed. (UPS Maintenance contract in Pakistan)

Records Of the Types of Maintenance

Keep detailed records. In addition to scheduling maintenance, you should also keep records of the types of maintenance performed (for example, cleaning, repairing, or replacing certain components) and the condition of the equipment during the inspection. Tracking costs can also be beneficial when you need to provide evidence that a few dollars in maintenance costs outweigh thousands or millions in downtime costs from unforeseen failures.

Repair And Troubleshooting The UPS

A checklist of tasks, such as inspecting batteries for corrosion, looking for excessive torque in connection cables, etc., helps maintain an orderly approach. All this documentation can help when planning for equipment replacement or unscheduled repair and troubleshooting the UPS. In addition to keeping records.

Basics Of UPS Maintenance

Carry out periodic inspections. Much of the above applies to almost any component of your electrical or electronic systems: enforcing safety, scheduling maintenance, and keeping good records are excellent practices, regardless of your business context. However, for UPSs in particular, some tasks can and should perform regularly by personnel (who should be familiar with at least the basics of UPS operation).

Important UPS Maintenance Tasks

Some important UPS maintenance tasks include the following:

  • Visually inspect the area around the UPS and battery equipment (or other energy storage equipment) for obstructions and adequate cooling.
  • Make sure there are no operational abnormalities or warnings registered on the UPS panel, such as an overload or battery near discharge.
  • Look over the batteries for signs of corrosion or other defects.

Consult the manufacturer’s documentation for guidelines and recommendations for your specific equipment. You should perform maintenance (or hire professionals to do it) at least as often as the manufacturer recommends; however, in some cases, more often may be better.

UPS Components and System Maintenance

It is important to recognize that UPS components will fail. This may seem obvious: anything with a finite probability of failure will eventually fail. Critical [UPS] components like batteries and capacitors wear out from normal use, so even if your business provides perfect power, your UPS room is perfectly clean and consistently at the right temperature, and everything works ideally, components will continue to fail. Your UPS system inevitably requires maintenance.

Unscheduled Service Inspections

Know who to call when you need unscheduled service or maintenance. During daily or weekly inspections, problems may arise that may not be able to wait until the next scheduled maintenance. In these cases, knowing who to call can save you a lot of stress. That is why we provide 24/7 guard duty and preventive maintenance contracts that provide you with the necessary peace of mind, backed by more than 10 years of experience in UPS repair and maintenance, in addition to being a partner of the main brands in the market.

Hire A Suitable Provider for UPS Maintenance

Avoid chaos and assign tasks. Weren’t you supposed to check that out last week? No, I thought it was this week. Avoid this disaster: make sure the appropriate personnel are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to UPS maintenance or hire a suitable provider who makes sure they know the status of their UPS.

Many times, many of the details of UPS maintenance best left to those who know UPS in general and, more importantly, what type of UPS to implement. Again, safety is critical: voltages within a UPS system are at increased levels, so it is better to spend a few bucks hiring a professional than risk lives (and downtime second).

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is critical to all aspects of your business. So many of the tips above can widely applies. But the UPS system requires particular attention because it is the short-term guarantor of a clean and constant flow of power to your business.

Avoiding Downtime

Regular and scheduled maintenance can easily pay for itself by avoiding downtime avoiding unforeseen downtime events due to battery or capacitor failures, clogged air filters, welded relays, and even outdated firmware. Taking some organized and deliberate steps now to implement a preventative maintenance program can save UPS a lot of headaches later.

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