The reason for this is the low height and lightness of the donuts, together with their need to be protected from environmental factors such as dust and humidity. In Printcosmo donut boxes are designed to contain more donuts, which require a more robust bottom. The perfect type of packaging for donuts includes the foot block tray, the double-walled tray and lid, the food packaging, the automatic bottom of the gable box and the closing box.

If you want a unique packaging and labeling for your donut shop, you can order a fully customized donut box in any shape and size. In addition, it is possible to customize the color, coating and material of the boxes; and they have a number of other options including window patching and embossing.

Advantages of using bulk donut boxes

You can get anything printed on these wholesale donut boxes. You can get the name of your donut shop, brand logo, branch addresses, photos of donuts or anything else you can imagine printed on it. The ordinary donut box printed with your logo and your artwork will give the buyer a seductive impression.

What type of donut box should I use?

we know that each company produces its donuts with different tastes and designs, so they require some special types of boxes. We offer a variety of donut boxes, some of which are equipped with handles that facilitate the transport of donuts in your hand for takeaway purposes.

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Why choose personalization

Since donuts are delicate items, they must be packed in boxes that not only protect their taste and flavor, but also retain their appearance as seasonings just as they are. Personalization definitely meets all these parameters and more. You can have your own custom sized donut boxes for small, medium or large sizes so that the edibles don’t move or get damaged inside. You can also add transparent windows above these boxes so that everyone can take a look at the sweet surprise inside the package. And if you’re wondering where you can do it all, we offer you everything and more when you personalize your boxes with us. We offer our customers a variety of customization options so that they get exactly the packing boxes they need for their donuts, cakes, cupcakes and desserts. We deliver what is promised. We take care of you directly without any intermediary. We design custom donut boxes, manufacture them and deliver them to the desired location, regardless of where you are in the United States.

What we have on offer

Having served a wide range of confectionery and bakery manufacturers, our goal is to offer you this service with our folding bakery boxes. We offer these boxes for one, three or even six donuts depending on the packaging needs. You can be sure that every box of personalized donuts we create is made to host your donuts for a long time, keep them fresh and keep their condiments as they are. For this, we only use high-end packaging materials to produce these boxes in order to not only get good value for money, but your donuts get the perfect environment. In addition, you can even get the inside of the box coated with wax or laminate so that the filling and the seals of your donuts are not contaminated by coming into contact with the packaging material. All this and much more in the personalization of donut boxes for pastry.

Why choose Printcosmo?

There are several reasons to choose Printcosmo as we have highly experienced designers who design boxes carefully according to customer needs. We have staff specially hired to provide a quick response to our customers. We provide free shipping to our valued customers, so order your box right away.

For more information visit our website Printcosmo.com

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