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How To Avoid Relapse After Detoxification Treatment

Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore

Avoid Relapses After Detoxification Treatment

Relapses are part of the detoxification processes. Despite its “normality”, the fear of relapse is an inherent phase in the final stage of detoxification treatments. Evading a relapse next to detoxify treatment is portion of the process.

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Every time we feel that we are “clean”, the fear of relapse installs in us. It is real? Yes, while unpredictable. Months or years after stopping consumption, drug relapse, for example, is a possibility that we should not underestimate.

Leaving drugs implies being aware that there are many risks that are still latent. To analyze them, we explain how to prevent a relapse and avoid going back to drug use.

What Is a Relapse?

Basically, it is “return to square one”. Return to the use and abuse of the substance of our addiction. In short, return to the state we were in before we recovered.

Despite everything, we must not lose hope, because we are no longer the same. Now we know the way out, we know we capable of reaching it. And this makes the difference.

Relapses after treatment are often part of the detoxification process and that is why we should not consider them a defeat, but one more obstacle in our way.

Why Does a Relapse Occur?

Addictions occur in their own context. It could even say that the behaviors that surround them become rituals for the person. It is these behaviors, rather habits, that are difficult to give up and very easy to return to.

The return mechanism is usually some situation that is on the border between what we should and should not do and that leads us to consider a decision that is risky as harmless.

Any decision, no matter how small, that breaks the contract we have made with ourselves, will drag us down again and force us to establish a new pact in which we will necessarily include the avoidance of the situation that we have already identified as dangerous. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Relapse After Detox Treatment

Well, it is over. We were clean and started over. But, although it may not seem like it, we are much closer than at the beginning to achieving it.

The risk situation presents to us and we made the wrong decision, either because we did not identify it. And because we took advantage of some void in that deal, we made with ourselves to let ourselves go.

And there we are again, back to the beginning. Let us not despair, we already have most of the written contract, now we will have to include the clause that allows us to avoid what we already know we cannot afford if we want to avoid falling into the same thing again and look forward.

How To Avoid Relapse

As all recovery goes through a pact that we make with ourselves, after having made a firm decision, it is important that this pact be as clear and detailed as possible.

We must identify very well what are all the situations that would be a temptation and eliminate them completely. Zero contact, without options, we cannot negotiate at this point.

On the other hand, as we said at the beginning, what binds us most to our addictions are the habits that are associated with them. The moment we abandon our addiction there will be an empty space that we must occupy as soon as possible.

We must create other habits to replace the ones we have eliminated. These habits, which when they are subject to activities that are not harmful to health, instead of addictions are known by the term hobbies, will be our lifesaver.

Before the new behaviors become habits, it may happen that an unforeseen and potentially risky situation leads us to a relapse, but we not discourage. We must persist in our new habits and take note of what we overlook so that it does not happen again.

Basically, the detailed planning of both what we should do and what we should not do and respect for the decisions we have made will be the pillars on which success will be based.

Addiction Treatment Center

Do you fear a drug or alcohol relapse? Has a relapse made you lose hope? Do you want to know how to avoid a relapse after treatment? To be able to do it you have to know how and why they produces. Understanding them will allow you to avoid them.

To do this, we offer you all the help you need to face not only the different detoxification therapies, but also the support to overcome these types of obstacles. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Need help? Count on us. Come and learn the techniques to avoid a relapse after treatment from the most experienced professionals in detoxification therapies.

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