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Phenomenon Of Addiction and Health System and Treatment of Addictions


Treatments Centers

Based on the principle that governs the health, the rule provides that treatments not forced. However, and we all know this – including the authorities of the Sector Health, responsible from the application. There are many groups that fall under the residential model, generally managed by recovering addicts. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

For several reasons our services provide best results of Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

What I know records the internment forced of the user at the request of a family member. As well as the use of techniques that violate Human Rights and that threaten the emotional and physical integrity of addicts. They are Treatment Centers that operate under the protection of the social need they serve. From the lack from ability the government for sort out this need and the positive results. That, in some cases and against forecast they register everything.

Addiction Treatment

Also find what sets the Health and the Rule, respect from the will for to receive addiction treatment, the code establishes the obligation of treatment for addictions. Similar provisions contain in the Criminal Codes in force.

Measures For Specific Cases

Although it noted that some do not specifically develop these measures, neither need cases and circumstances, it what returns to open a space for the interpretation and action of the judge. The cases considered are following:

  1. People caught in possession of drugs, in sufficient quantity to presume that it used for personal consumption in accordance with the tables that are part.
  2. Processed who consume alcohol or some other type of drug, regardless of the type of corruption task.
  3. Convicted persons who consume alcohol or some other type of drug, regardless of the type of corruption task.

Drugs And Behaviors

Even though, in the perception of a large sector of the population, exists a relationship causal in the consumption from drugs and behaviors classified as corruptions, the reality is that most of the corruptions that are committed are the consequence of a great variety and interaction of personal, circumstantial, cultural, and economic factors. So, the presence of drug use is one factor, among many others; however, it is also true that there are not enough studies on this appearance. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Study Of Consumption of These Substances

According to, a study by the Center for Scientific Research, financed by the Organization. 37% of the inmates of the capitals. The countries reveal that they were under the effect of some drug on the moment from commit the corruption. And the 57% believes that exists a lot relationship Come in the consumption from drugs and the corruption.

The study, carried out that from agreement with the information provided by the own, the 13% consume alcohol and/or drugs. Although authorities recognized that the figure was higher, placing at 40, the percentage of who habitually consume these substances. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

Results Of the Survey

The results of the 2002 National Survey on Addictions 5 indicate that around 9.6% of the population between 12 and 65 years. What their consumed alcohol by Pattern from consumption. These faced problems with the authority. On his most related to driving or to any discussion or fight started with your partner or colleagues. Although we still do not know the data from the, we can expect that these figures maintained or even increased trends.

Treatment Of Addictions

The provisions contained on and in the codes, they define the treatment of addictions as the set of labor, educational and curative, necessary for the social rehabilitation of the person. From agreement with the higher part from the code’s penalties revised. Addiction Treatment Center in Lahore.

This treatment carried out in freedom or semi-liberty. In cases where the penalty corresponding to the corruption is greater than three years. The judge will order, what is more from and inside from, the treatment that proceeds, by the competent health authority or another medical service under the Supervision of The Former.

Prevention Programs

About this last provision, it clarified that from 2002, comes reporting in view of the from. What bill with centers from retrofitting Social on the what drug use prevention programs carries out drugs? What on the country, supported by the Youth Integration Centers and by the Central of General Services of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Addiction Prevention

And that both the authorities and the technical staff of receive permanent training on addiction prevention, the truth is that we are very far from this reality. Only in and some other entities are they beginning to operate. And not in all, treatment programs in agreement with some specialized institution. I know treats from programs new what no they evaluate and whose results are unknown.

Commutation For Treatment

Regarding the first provision -the one that allows the commutation for treatment in cases of corruptions worth less than three years in – different questions arise:

How do the Judges apply these provisions?

How does the judicial system treat people who suffer from the disease of addiction?

How sick or how delinquent?

Is the judicial system prepared for treat to the criminals addicts What sick?

Are the Judges prepared to distinguish consumption from addiction?

Phenomenon Of Addiction and Health System

Are they prepared to understand the phenomenon of addiction and therefore choose a model and a treatment center, according to the specific needs of the person? What role do the Judges take in the application of this measure? Are provisions, what is more, involve to the Sector Health and the Addiction Treatment Centers that operate in the country, so it will also be necessary to answer the following questions: Are the Health System and the public, private and social Treatment Centers prepared to support the application of court-ordered treatments? What consequences can we expect? And above all, what can we do to avoid the problems that foresees and improve the results.

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