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Advantages and disadvantages of ready-mixed concrete

+ Ease and speed of implementation.

+ Guarantee to always have the same dosage.

+ Very practical for small quantities.

+ Easy transport (for small quantities), it’s in bag!

– No choice of dosage (this will be the bag)

– They must be stored in a dry place, otherwise it becomes concrete!

– It must be spoiled whereas a concrete in central is him directly usable.

– It takes a very large number of bags to make a slab (see the example above).

– And finally it’s expensive, about 4 € the bag, when we know that it takes on average 55 bags to achieve 1 m3 of concrete.

Calculate the number of ready-mixed concrete bags

There are concrete bags ready to use (concrete ready), it’s really convenient especially when you have little volume of concrete to prepare. It must be understood that you cannot choose the dosage, the dosage will be that of the bag!We offer Ready mix Concrete Lahore The ready-made concrete of that it is “all ready!” sand, aggregates and cement, only the water is missing. We must always choose the same bags to complete all the work.
You can calculate the volume of concrete to prepare for slab on this page / volume / right-pave (give the dimensions in meter in order to have the result in m3).For more: www.ittefaqgroup.pk/

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