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UPS – What Is It? How Does It Work? Types Of UPS? Where To Use Each Type?

How To Calculate Backup Time?

This article explains the operation, type, differences, topologies, etc… It also helps to calculate consumption and backup times. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

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What Is A UPS / No-Break?

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) No-Break (Uninterruptible Power Supply). A battery-powered power supply that supplies electrical and electronic equipment for a limited time during a power outage. It also protects against power supply anomalies such as voltage spikes, voltage variations, signal noise, harmonics, and other issues that cause our electrical devices to malfunction or, in the worst case, get damaged. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

Pure Or Modified Sine Wave UPS? Where Is Each One Used?

What Type of UPS Is Available?

Essential Protection – Standby.

Professional protection – Interactive line.

Total protection – Online.

The return time commensurate with the cost of the device is as follows:

  • 5-10 minutes when using the computer.
  • 15-20 minutes for network applications. (Server)
  • 20-30 minutes for audio and video.
  • 30 minutes or more when using a CCTV camera.

Essential Protection – Standby

Standby is the most basic UPS Topology. During a blackout or low voltage, the UPS simply draws on the internal battery to provide electricity. This type of UPS solves some of the most common problems such as power outages and temporary low voltage problems. (Within seconds) and voltage fluctuations These problems exist in all power grids. Standby UPSs can deliver a simulated/modified sine wave and designed to protect computers, point-of-sale systems, basic security systems, and more. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

Note: These devices lose milliseconds while the relay switches to battery mode.

Professional Protection – Interactive Line

UPSs with this topology work in a similar way to the offline-standby UPS, but they have a voltage regulator (AVR) this is a special type of transformer that allows correcting minor voltage fluctuations: such as under voltage and overvoltage without having to switch to battery mode, which means that, for example, if the UPS has a range of 90 to 140 Vac in Voltage range, if it does not go beyond that, it will not switch to battery mode.

You will always be increasing or decreasing the magnetic field and the output voltage of the transformer to keep it as it should be. This extends battery life. and it is essential where these fluctuations occur constantly, as in Mexico or throughout Latin America. Typical applications are switches, routers, wireless network equipment, mid-range servers. (APC ups price in Pakistan).

Note: These devices lose milliseconds while the relay switches to battery mode.

Total Protection – Online (Double Conversion)

This topology, unlike the previous two, delivers battery power all the time because the UPS inverter and batteries are on the line that feeds the power supply. The most important thing in these UPSs is that they do NOT lose milliseconds in the change to battery and that is extremely important in delicate equipment. It makes the energy that enters the UPS come out completely clean because it converted to DC twice to store in the batteries, after this it converted back to AC through the inverter and this causes a pure signal without electrical anomalies. It is the best that exists in the UPS market and is the most recommended for mission critical equipment such as switches, routers, medical equipment, high performance links, NVRs, access control systems, servers, etc…

Note: This equipment placed in Bypass (direct bridge mode) when the inverter or some component of the circuit fails (since these will always be in operation) and thus losing backup and having a blackout, everything will turn off.

Definition Of the Problems Against Which the UPS Helps Us.

Very good now that you know the different types of UPS, the types of waves they can generate and the cases in which we can use them, it is time for the backup.

How To Select A UPS Based on Power?

To select a team, it is necessary to know how much is the maximum consumption? in Watts (called load) and how long is the desired backup time? for that consumption (All the equipment that will connect to the UPS). It is highly recommended to leave a margin of 15% of that load so as not to overload it.

Here is an example of how to calculate the load.

8 x CCTV camera (10-watt camera at 50 = 500 watts)

1 x DVR with (10 watts x 1 DVR = 10 watts)

1 LCD screen (5 watts x 1 LCD screen = 5 watts)

1 telemax router (10 watts per 1 telemax router = 10 watts)

Total load = 525 watts.

The total load in Watts is 525 W, it is always good to round this number up (15%) since the devices to supported may consume more than indicated by their manufacturers. We could leave it at 603 W.

Consumption Of the Equipment

In the previous example, if the consumption of the equipment is 603 W, it is advisable to select a UPS that has a capacity of at least 20% above the load to which it will be subject. In this case, we would select a UPS that has a capacity of at least 723 W.

Now that we know how to calculate the load of the equipment, it will show How to know the time? that will be able to support consumption, the way to read this table is as follows:

Click here to download the consumption table of the CyberPower brand.

Click here to download the consumption table of the Power Line brand

Now that we know how to calculate the total consumption and how to get the backup time of a UPS, I leave a link so you can see all the different types of UPS that we have.

We support you if you have any questions or comments, we listen to you and you can contact us at the number in the Networking/Wiring and UPS Engineering department. We gladly advise you with your designs, the selection and dimensioning of products, also with the support at the time of starting the UPS.

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