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What Is A UPS, and Difference Between An UPS And An INVERTER

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This research article has been prepared, principal consultant of the firm UPS communications an engineer and consultant specializing in energy solutions, with years of field work and research into engineering solutions.

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What Is A UPS?

UPS is the abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Or in it know by the acronym SAI (Uninterruptible Power Supply System)

It is an equipment or device capable of supplying power or energy in the event of any interruption of what would be its normal supply, it includes a regulator and stabilizer incorporated in interactive UPS and precise and stable regulation in UPS with ONLINE technology, improving and protecting the Energy supply for your computer, medical and industrial equipment, among others.

Main Characteristics of The Brands We Supply

  • UL Certification (Applies to CDP – VME models)
  • RETIE Certification (Applies to CDP – VME models)
  • Redundant Source (Applies to CDP – VME models)
  • DSC/DSP processors (Applies to CDP – VME models)
  • TVS surge and transient suppressor (Applies to CDP models)
  • Silver fuses with instant connection for greater protection and durability of the UPS (Applies to CDP – VME models)
  • Cellular modem for network monitoring. (Applies to CDP models)
  • Interactive display with operating diagram. (Applies to CDP – VME models)
  • TVS (ask your advisor for references that include it)
  • Excellent filtering capacity.
  • Communication by port to PC.
  • Compact, lightweight, and modern design
  • Warranty up to 3 years. (Depends on the brand and model)
  • UPS monitoring via PC.
  • ONLINE technology.
  • Isolation transformer at the output. (Depends on the brand and model)
  • Isolation transformer at the input. (Depends on the brand and model)
  • SNMP Cards (Optional)

What Is A UPS For?

With a UPS you solve the problems of electrical discharges, voltage drops, voltage surges, electrical noise, harmonics, among others.

With a UPS you protect your equipment avoiding the total or partial loss of important data, damage to Hardware, Hard Drive, and loss of information that costs so much.

With a UPS your employees will be able to continue with their work despite the blackout that has occurred.

The UPS (s) also have functions that protect all your equipment 100% have stabilizers or electronic voltage regulators that allow you to deliver a stable and regulated electrical fluid with which it is possible to EXTEND THE USEFUL LIFE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT which will receive a clean and safe.

With a UPS from “UPS Communication” your company always obtains “clean energy for your equipment.

What Problems Does A UPS Prevent or Correct?

Counteracts Related Problems Following:

  • Micro cuts, prolonged cuts in the electrical network of public services.
  • voltage drops.
  • Voltage outside the specified by UL standard.
  • On impulses or peaks.
  • Over voltages or low voltages.
  • Job losses due to power outage.
  • Unexplained loss of information.
  • Permanent damage to the hard drive, hardware, USB memories, among others.
  • Flickering on the monitors.
  • Unexplained system crashes.
  • Reduction in the valuable life of the equipment.

What Is the AUTONOMY Time (Battery Work) Of A UPS?

The autonomy time defines as the minutes or hours that the user or client requires when the electric power of the public network fails. Generally, this time is related to the load connected to the UPS, that is, what is the consumption in watts, in volt-amps or in amps. The UPS have been designed and calculated to work between 10 to 20 minutes on batteries, however there is the possibility of extending these times through arrangements of external banks calculated exclusively to meet the customer’s needs.

What Are the Types or Technology Of UPS That We Supply?

At UPS COMUNIACCIONES Y ENERGIA we basically supply two technologies: INTERACTIVE AND ONLINE.

UPS WITH INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY: This UPS is the most basic and cheapest available on the market, its application is for small offices, individual computers, televisions, home theaters, stereos, modems, routers, DVD.

Our UPS have a robust voltage regulator that stabilizes the variations of the electrical network of our clients, a robust charger that allows connecting external batteries to extend the autonomy time of battery work without their equipment turning off.

UPS WITH ONLINE TECHNOLOGY: Although this UPS is more expensive, it also has unmatched advantages over the INTERACTIVE line. It is a more robust equipment, whose application is aimed at the industrial, commercial and hospital sectors, it has RETIE and UL certifications, most models come with an isolation transformer at the output and have a wide power factor and a robust charger for External battery bank

What Are the Differences Between an ONLINE AND INTERACTIVE UPS?

The differences are very significant not only in price but also in technology, for example, the INTERACTIVE UPS has a variable REGULATOR or STABILIZER whose output voltage range is between 103VAC AND 130VAC, while the ONLINE UPS delivers a fully regulated voltage and stable FIXED programmable by control panel.

Another difference of the INTERACTIVE UPS is that when the UPS must work on battery due to a power outage, ITS WAVE IS MODIFIED SINUSOIDAL, that is, it delivers a squared wave, which in some cases some equipment does not work correctly, instead the ONLINE UPS in working on line and on batteries delivers a PURE SINE WAVE, which makes it THE IDEAL UPS for critical applications such as servers, medical equipment and critical loads that require THE BEST QUALITY OF POWER.


An INVERTER is an ELECTRICAL PROTECTION equipment, whose behavior is similar to that of an INTERACTIVE UPS, with the difference that some models are designed with an electronic module that delivers a PURE SINE WAVE of battery work, it has a regulator similar to that of the UPS INTERACTIVE.

What Is the Difference Between an INTERACTIVE UPS And An INVERTER?

The most significant difference is based on the robust power of the charger that allows you to install Batteries up to 200 Amp Hours depending on the inverter reference.

  • The INVERTER can deliver a SINE WAVE at the output contrary to the INTERACTIVE UPS
  • Enjoy UNINTERRUPTED MOMENTS at work or at home.
  • SAFETY by being able to finish prolonged work.
  • PEACE OF MIND by being able to enjoy your favorite FILM OR FOOTBALL MATCH.
  • SATISFACTION by being able to continue your ONLINE GAME at the time of a power outage.
  • CONFIDENCE by having a backup system (UPS) that allows you to continue with YOUR ACTIVITY.

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