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Applications of smooth concrete walls

Precast concrete walls are suitable for utility construction, concrete construction, steel construction and residential construction. They can for example serve as a facade or walls bearing or non-bearing.

The walls are made of prestressed concrete. However, they leave many possibilities for finishing. You have the choice between a washed or smooth concrete wall. In addition, we also realize concrete walls of different colors; you can also choose a prefabricated concrete wall with a precise structure such as the ribs of the wood.These smooth concrete walls are the ideal solution for a fast, economical and architecturally responsible construction of industrial hall facades, office buildings, storage warehouses, exhibition halls, workplaces, etc.

Characteristics of prefabricated concrete walls

Unlimited possibilities: all concrete walls are made to measure;

Made on worktops of 4 x 16 m. These are the maximum height and width of the panel;

The addition of insulation to industrial concrete is also possible.

In addition to insulated concrete walls, we are able to collaborate on other precast concrete applications. For example, we have already produced concrete walls where electrical cables were already integrated. This technique allows the electrician to only have to take care of the power outlets.

Benefits of smooth concrete walls

The relatively low price of prefabricated concrete walls;

Made from natural raw materials still sourced from the region. This feature not only reduces the ecological footprint of the panel, but also guarantees a favorable price;

Our office of study and drawing works to measure and can if necessary to ensure a total accompaniment during the project.

These prefabricated concrete walls are environmentally friendly not only by the energy savings they induce, but also by their production entirely environmentally friendly. For example, we do not discharge any wastewater during production, but most importantly, we recycle a very large part of the production waste.

The pioneering role of the site allows us to offer prefabricated concrete walls that meet the highest quality requirements. And as new trends are constantly emerging, you can contact us for any request. So do not wait any longer and contact us today to discuss your project without commitment.

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