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Prevention Of Alcoholism and Addictions for Healthy Lifestyles

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Alcoholism Drug Addictions

Alcoholism is the most important and widespread of drug addictions, this category not only confers by the condition of alcohol as a model drug; but also because of its character as a gatekeeper drug, a term that expresses its facilitating action for the consumption of other substances, including illegal ones. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

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Health Promotion

It has an efficient organization, and a deep political will to carry out and implement health promotion programs, with the active participation of different institutions. The Alcoholic Behavior Prevention and Attention Program proposes a multisectoral approach, in such a way that promotional actions undertake to encourage attitudes and lifestyles favorable to health from childhood, favoring strategies from the educational sector.

Healthy Lifestyles

In the review of the official documents derived from the activities and meetings of the Group of Psychiatry, it has become clear, in the last ten years, the need to involve different sectors of society in the promotion of healthy lifestyles, where alcohol consumption is not present, exerting influences of this nature from the earliest stages of life, due to the decrease in the age at which such consumption begins. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Multi-Sectoral Effort

In the multi-sectoral effort required to face this problem, the school is of vital importance, because in the school the student continues the process of socialization initiated in the family, reinforcing the attitudes generated in it or modifying them in those cases in which it is necessary. The work of promoting the teacher from the educational centers is permanent, unlike interventions carried out by other sectors in the school environment, which are unsystematic and transversal.

Professional Educational Action

During their initial training, the future educator acquires the first specialized experiences in learning their role as a professional. It is time to appropriate ethical values, strategies and work methods and begin to develop ways of professional educational action that distinguishes by their quality, that are perfect throughout the career and during postgraduate training. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Prevention Of Alcoholism

In the documents that govern the prevention of alcoholism by teachers, emphasis places, above all, on the informative aspect on addictions, but not on training health promoters, capable of detecting risk factors and promoting the protection and prevention of alcoholism.

Decontextualized Information

Isolated, partial, and decontextualized information, which abuses so much and still abuses, can produce the opposite effect, and perceives in a partial way and outside the direct experience of the recipients. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Teacher Training

The above highlights the author’s position regarding the difficulty of achieving, through the currently conceived teacher training, a true health promoter, aimed at the prevention of alcoholism as a drug addiction that needs to face immediately.

Prevention Of Addictions

Patients with prolonged abstinence from alcohol and socially reinserted become formal leaders who contribute to the prevention of addictions, as confirmed by the long experience accumulated in group therapies for alcoholism. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Bibliographic Review

The author’s goal is to systematize the theoretical foundations that support the prevention of alcoholism in schools. Develop abstinence strategies with patient groups to coordinate alcohol rehabilitation.

Evaluation Stage

This stage has the objective of systematically controlling and evaluating the fulfillment of the objectives foreseen in the execution of the actions developed in the different scenarios. Special attention paid to the curricular output of the problem under investigation.

Health Promoter

It considers that the class plays a fundamental role in preparing the teacher in training as a health promoter for the prevention of alcoholism; This constitutes the starting point to extend this work to other extracurricular and extracurricular activities.

Among the aspects to consider in the evaluation of the different activities that carries out are:

  • The correspondence of the activity with the diagnosed needs.
  • The active, conscious, and reflective participation of those who participate.
  • The quality and proper use of audiovisual media.
  • The use of the documents that regulate the preventive work for drug abuse in the educational system and in society.
  • The delivery of training, study, and delay activities.
  • The transformations from the cognitive, procedural, and affective-behavioral point of view.
  • Exchange with the professors of the career.
  • Development of exchange sessions with teachers in training.
  • Self-assessment on the development of activities linked to the prevention of alcoholism with parents and other relatives by teachers in training.
  • Exchange of experiences and experiences with teachers and teachers in training on the effectiveness of actions with the community.


Patients with long-term abstinence and reintegration into society include those who make recovery and participate in difficult and complex recovery. This confirms by the long experience accumulated in the alcohol treatment group. Patients’ experience of recovering from emotional effects is an effective tool for preventing alcoholism.

The actions with the greatest impact to carries out together with rehabilitated patients are:

– Video arguments for the study of causes, consequences and actions related to alcoholism.


Films suggested for the treatment of the subject are such as: “A pilot’s wife”, “Leaving Las Vegas”, among others. It is necessary for teachers in training to previously study the subject of alcoholism. And its consequences on the individual, the family and society. The film discusses according to a guide prepared in this regard and the activity evaluates as a concluding stage. Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore.

Activities linked to the prevention of alcoholism with parents and other relatives.

Prevention Of Alcoholism

With the fulfillment of this action, the double purpose of actively linking the family of the teacher in training achieves, in the implementation of the strategy. And, in addition, the acquisition of skills by the teacher in training in family management for contribute to health promotion for the prevention of alcoholism. Video debates, bibliographical discussions or any joint activity that demands the relationship of the teacher in training with the family develops.

Reflection workshop and discussion of the use of articles and evidences of alcoholics during the rehabilitation period

Consequences Of Alcoholism

The knowledge and experiences narrated by patients who have suffered the consequences of alcoholism or written in articles have a highly effective motivating force for the prevention of this disease. It coordinates with local rehabilitation groups so that they go to the educational center or coordinate visits to the health center where activities of this nature carry out. Teachers-in-training encourages to express their reflections and opinions to the group.

– Lectures and talks on health promotion for the prevention of alcoholism by experts dedicated to the subject.

Treatment Of This Addiction

It suggests to establish, as part of this preparation, coordination with specialists on the subject to publicize experiences in the treatment of this addiction, which can be a complement to the activity already suggested with rehabilitated patients or an independent activity. This type of work also carries out at events of the school institution or on significant dates.

The proposed strategy aims at contributing to the training of the teacher as a health promoter for the prevention of alcoholism with actions that link the addiction rehabilitation group.


In the review carried out, a group of insufficiencies that require serious treatment in preventive work in educational centers revealed. These shortcomings summarized in that the prevention of alcohol consumption, conceived by teachers, is not comprehensive enough and prioritizes the informative element.

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