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As a bakery owner, have you spent time understanding how important a custom donut boxes are in your business? When it comes to selling your donut, can you make a grand entry? If you are not considering including custom options in your package, now is the time.

Having donut packaging boxes will enhance the value of the delicious donuts put into them. Properly decorated custom printed donut boxes can affect customers subtly. The best part is that you can show off your donuts with a variety of custom packages available at wholesale prices. Over the years, this variety of packaging has proven to be very important. If you want to make creative changes to the box, you can have a donut, read the blog and choose the best box for your business requirements.

“Donut” type packaging box

For donut packaging, this is a unique option. Pack the donut in a custom “donut” type packaging box. Isn’t that another idea in itself? Surely it will catch the attention of customers trying to buy your donut. Donut-shaped packaging boxes look attractive. Companies like Legacy Printing offer these custom donut boxes. The best part is that these boxes can also accommodate the packaging needs of different types of bakery products. For example, you can pack items such as mini cupcakes, macaroons, mini donuts, cookies and more. This box is also perfect for packing a donut. Helps preserve the shape of the donut and prevents topping from dirt. This selection of custom donut packaging boxes will definitely leave a lasting good impression on our customers.

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Single mockup donut box

This various custom donut box can hold one donut. Please be sure to find it at the bakery when purchasing. This packing box looks like a small tray with four perimeter walls. The left and right walls are slightly higher than the front and rear walls. They provide support by keeping the donut in place. Typically, these mockup boxes are 3.55 x 2 x 2.36 inches and maintain the shape of a donut. These donut package boxes are not only perfect for presenting donuts to customers, but also look attractive inside the counter shelves.

Transparent top custom donut box

Another innovative option is a transparent top custom donut box, because packing boxes need to attract customers. The top of the box has a plastic cover, and the top has a two-part lid, which acts as a flap to open the box. This donut box is made from the highest quality materials, often biodegradable, so you can choose it safely. Various sizes are available, from single to double donut. Such custom donut package boxes provide brand awareness and can be beautified using stickers. You can also use the ribbon from above as a gift. With custom donut boxes, you have unlimited options. You can choose a solid box and print your company logo and brand name. Add details such as donut material, manufacturing, expiration date, and other relevant details. You need to take the time to discuss your customization options with the printing and packaging companies of your choice. Evaluate the price they offer. Whether wholesale bulk discounts for custom donut box orders are available.

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