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Housing Plan of Construction Eligible Actions and Specific Conditions to The Subject

Housing Plan of Construction

It is here! the Plan. This is a subsidy plan from the with grants for interior renovation of homes whose purpose is to Construction wet rooms (bathrooms and kitchens), adapt a home for people with functional disabilities or reduced mobility. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

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The budget for this call for aid is the total maximum global amount of aid to award in this call will initially distributed over the years.

In this link you have all the bases that regulate the call. We are going to summarize the most important issues that also highlighted in the image that we attach.

Housing Plan Eligible Actions

The call establishes that actions aimed at:

  1. Construction of wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms), to adapt them to the current conditions of habitability and sustainability, including, if necessary, the adaptation of the facilities to current regulations.
  2. Construction of the dwelling to adapt it to its possible use by people with functional diversity and reduced mobility, including the expansion of the circulation spaces of the dwelling or the change of doors or the installation of acoustic or light signals, where appropriate.
  3. Installation of integrated home automation systems, which improve accessibility and autonomy in the use of housing, for people with functional diversity and reduced mobility.

 Specific Conditions of The Actions Subject to Housing Plan

  1. All eligible actions may include, for the purposes of determining the eligible cost of the action, the cost of the works and the fees of the professionals involved up to a maximum of 5% of the cost of the work, if all of them duly justify. Taxes, fees, and charges may also form part of the eligible cost. The eligible cost does not include appliances, boilers, or heaters, nor the hob, oven, or smoke extractor.
  2. The works may complete at the time of the request or, at most, within a period of 6 months counted from the day following the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the of the resolution granting the works. aids

Housing Plan: Requirements for Housing and Its Use

Homes that intend to benefit from the subsidies regulated in the Plan must meet the following requirements:

  1. a) At the time of the application, the building must be older than 20 years. It will not be necessary to fulfill this condition in the case of housing adaptation actions for registered people with functional diversity with a degree of disability greater than 33% or for people over 70 years of age.
  2. b) That the dwelling intends for the habitual and permanent residence of the owners, tenants or usufructuaries. How can you prove this point? Through registration prior to the date of application for aid.

Time Limit for Submitting Applications

The term for the presentation of the application will start and end, inclusive. (Failure to comply with the application deadline will automatically determine exclusion from the call).

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