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Modern Architecture and Design and Its Influence in Construction

Architecture And Design

Architecture is the design and construction of a property for any use. During the 20th century, Europe began to change its standards regarding the models to build enclosures, it was a simple and clean style. adopted many characteristics of these architectural practices seeking to be at the forefront. Construction Companies in Lahore.

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European Architecture Influence

Influence of school of arts, design and architecture, its banner that less is more influenced aesthetic principles around the world. The simplicity and austerity highlighted that what was important was the function or what wanted to represent beyond the banality of its appearance.

After that had an eclectic architectural style, but more attached to decoration and adornment. It was a copy of the European beauty standards that had nothing to do with the reality. The Palaces of Fine Arts.

They are clear examples of this moment and of how the roots of a Dionysian architecture past intended to hide. The search for the rescue of the pre-Hispanic and colonial past together with the influence of Europe and the US architectural style undoubtedly penetrated the country.

Muralism And Architecture

The case of the architects was very particular because there was a syncretism between the European style and the nuances, at that time muralism was a trend that was booming in the country, were representatives of this movement art that permeated much of society. The rescue of traditions undoubtedly reflected in the architecture. As an example of this we have large buildings with motifs of this type. A sign that the country sought modernity, but with an indigenous spirit that undoubtedly had a great influence. Construction Companies in Lahore.

Modern Architectural Styles

Modern architecture stands out for its straight lines, open and simple spaces; To begin to exemplify this architectural style, we will approach, who in charge of the construction of the Satellite Towers. That although they do not have a specific functionality beyond the decorative, realize the simplicity that intends at the time.

This same architect had as a project the Study House that today considered a cultural heritage. Due to the contribution it makes to Latin American architecture; the façade goes almost unnoticed within the neighborhood but inside we can find a perfect play of light and color that give warmth and fluidity to this architectural work that you should visit. Construction Companies in Lahore.

Construction Of Modern Architecture

Another of the icons of modern architecture is the Central Library. Its beauty stands out and matches the entire landscape. Its construction was a project in which many architects participated. However, what stands out is the mural made. That was also in charge of directing the project.

This suggests that he is a worthy representative of modern architecture. It is a building without great decorations, inside the corridors. On the main premises we can find a beautiful garden and large windows that allow light to filter through the work tables and shelves. The mural of the Central Library made up of four faces, narrates the pre-Hispanic era, the colony, modernity.

Architecture Urban Image in City

Finally, we would like to highlight the work, he is one of the most renowned architects for his contribution to shaping the urban image in City. He was responsible for solving the problems of housing, among his most recognized works are and the Condominium on avenue. These works are still symbols.

Construction Scale

Lovers and scholars of the great world and architecture, at we are always at the forefront, we can offer you the style that you like the most for your residential, commercial, industrial, or sustainable projects. Whatever your intention. Construction a benchmark of quality.

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