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EICR Certificate Cost
EICR Certificate Cost

EICR Certificate Cost from Qualified Electricians

All electrical safety inspections and inspections fix wire installation inspections in the same way – in London. When an electrician visits your home or business to perform this report, they will examine every electrical circuit on the property.

The EICR records all findings during an electrical inspection, including any safety issues that may indicate your facility does not comply with the EICR Certificate Cost. These electrical safety tests are separate from the PAT tests used for your portable devices.

We have a large selection of electricians working in central London, all 32 boroughs and parts of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, and Sussex. They are fully qualified to test and issue EICR Certificate Cost and always comply with the latest regulations.

We provide certificates demonstrating your commitment to electrical safety from homes and rental properties to commercial and industrial premises. They also help proprietors meet their legal obligations.
corrective maintenance

Not every company will repair problems found during an electrical safety inspection. On the upside, we can provide the EICR and then provide a quote for the fixed cost of repairs. In most cases, we can comply with this amendment on the same day the report is submitted – by updating your EICR and at no additional cost.

This helps improve safety standards.

All electrical loads will drop from time to time. The rate of deterioration depends on the loads and how they are used, but even turning the switch on and off several times a day can loosen the connection over time. Problems can also cause by damp conditions and cracks on the wires. London Property inspections allow a qualified professional to look at your system in detail and ensure that consumer units, sockets, light fixtures and more comply with today’s electrical safety standards. Click here for more information about home electrical safety certifications.

London Property Inspections

By law, proprietors must have an updated EICR for leased properties. While this usually means a new EICR every five years, many agents seem to ask for an EICR before changing rent. We help proprietors comply with 18th Edition regulations by ensuring they have an electronic document to meet their obligations. You may be liable if you are a proprietor, an incident occurs due to improper loading on your property, and the EICR is not processed. EICR Certificate Cost London shows authorities that you have done your part to maintain your electrical system.

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