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Floors with wide slabs

Wide-slab prefabricated concrete floors are the fast solution to the construction of high quality and economical concrete floors where long spans and / or high load capacities are required.

Suspended concrete floors are constructed using prestressed planks supported by masonry walls or a steel or precast concrete load-bearing structure. Prefabricated precast concrete floors constructed with the ACP wide slab system are suitable for all floor levels from floor to roof.

Wide slab – Manufacturing

The individual prefabricated floor units are manufactured in the long-chain prestressing system, which minimizes costs and production time.

Service openings, pipes and ducts can all be poured into the prefabricated concrete floor at the manufacturing stage rather than cut-in-place, providing a better finish and less downtime during construction.

The wet casting system also minimizes camber variations between prefabricated units, thus ensuring a uniform suspended concrete floor.

The casting system also allows for the manufacture of special width floorboards that are custom cast rather than cut in the stock as is the case with traditional hollow core floor systems.Our precast boundary walls are durable, stable and versatile. We are also dealing with precast girder slab roofing system and are durable .We are offering our services for Precast Concrete Girder Slab and Boundary Walls 

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