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How to Choose Best Products for Counter Display

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For products which are being displayed on top of counters, their Custom Cardboard Boxes should not only be for functional purposes but also appealing and attractive. Below are some tips on how to draw positive attention on your product’s visibility.

Select a Suitable Product

All products are not suitable to be placed on display on counter. Select attractive, valuable, and regular merchandise to be displayed on showcase.

Select Proper Method for Display

Display methods are not the same for all products. For example counter-top spinners are being used for displaying jewelry items. However cardboard Custom Cardboard Boxes are very useful for displaying bracelets and other similar items.

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Select Suitable Artwork

Custom Cardboard Boxes should be attractive and colorful. Analyze your product before choosing design of your packaging. Whatever your item is, pick proper color scheme and graphics that are suitable for merchandise, targeted business sector, and the kind of store it will go in.

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Select Suitable Typography

One of the principles of picking artwork is picking a typography technique for imprinting of your Custom Cardboard Boxes. The typography must reflect artwork and mood of the merchandise. You would not pick a groovy, silly typography for a women’s perfume, nor would you pick a stylish script for presentation of wrenches.

Colors Scheme

Colors selection is very important in marketing. Prudently consider the colors you use on a presentation box. Your overall effect can be a make or break because of coloring scheme.


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