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Myral outer insulation 85 mm thin

Myral outer insulation 85 mm is the thinnest ITE solution on the market, eligible for energy renovation aids. This new thickness of ITE Myral has been developed to meet the requirements of the aid involved in the financing of renovation work on public, tertiary or multi-family buildings. The threshold of thermal resistance to be eligible is fixed at 3.7 m²K / W, performance for which the competing solutions are between 12 and 25 cm thicker. This cladding solution is composed of M32 insulation and a heat insulation reinforcement of 53 mm thick. The advantages of a thinner insulating cladding – Each building presents specific technical and architectural constraints. A cladding system with thinner complementary insulation makes it easier to adapt to its support and its particularities thanks to an easier implementation, especially for the treatment of singular points, such as acroteria overhangs or balconies. – For the occupants, the windows are less locked and the contribution of natural light more important. – In addition, this solution allows to isolate and renovate energy in compliance with PMR standards (if the influence of the ITE is too important, the passage areas may lose their compliance). The thickness really impacts the architecture of the building and the comfort of the inhabitants. This thinner ITE system allows a very aesthetic rendering, without taking anything away from its energy efficiency.Our services for Ready Made Roofs and Boundary Walls 

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