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Recycle aggregates in concrete for prefabricated.

Concrete is one of the most important civil building materials. Its value as a durable material is determined by its durability, low maintenance and recycling. The construction industry is the largest consumer of natural resources in the world, including the consumption of aggregates used in the preparation of concrete for various purposes. The production of waste and debris at a level of considerable gravity. Construction waste is one of the highest in the world. Prefabrication of concrete generates very large volumes of waste and debris. In most cases, we do not know what to do with them, which causes environmental problems. The pillars of the sustainability of recycled aggregates, among others, are the availability of recycled aggregates at short distances; minimal production of the environmental impact of recycled aggregates. Their physical and mechanical economic qualities should be comparable to natural aggregates. The quality of the original concrete influences the quality of recycled aggregates. Recycled aggregates of concrete are obtained from high quality concrete. This explains why a manufacturer of presforzados elements can maintain a very high level of recycled quality aggregates.

Precast concrete elements of a single plant are not contaminated by agents related to the pathologies of construction. Prefa pieces made from debris that exist in them, are usually thrown away by measurement errors or shape defects, and tips left over on items such as tubular honeycomb plates or strips. The tests carried out in the parameterization of the recycled aggregates have an excellent behavior, leaving only the absorption and the frost resistance, with values ​​a little higher than those required compared to the natural aggregates. Noting that the impact of the quality of the original concrete on the quality of all the industry related to construction is obliged to recycle the waste generated. The elements of the plant generates more than two tons of waste per day, this type of manufacturer will produce 500 tons per year. The collection of discarded pieces, maintaining its original size, forces us to use heavy machinery for the primary removal process, which in addition to being very laborious, we prevent the work of the daily production, because it is necessary to move them to the recycling point.

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