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Environmentalists’ Campaigns and Recycling Awareness for Environment

Trend To Curb Contamination

Joins the trend to curb contamination – Making an alternative from potatoes can make the tuber more expensive. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).

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We live entombed in plastic. 10,500 million plastic bags distributed each year, which means that each Spaniard receives 238 annually. And what is worse: they are hardly recycled. Only 10% ends up in the yellow container, where they reused. Most end up in landfills, but also in the sea, where turtles trapped, or in the countryside, where they last up to a century. Each bag emits about four grams of CO2 in its manufacture, so all those distributed emit 441,000 tons, 0.1% of the national total.

  • The employers predict 3,000 layoffs if the project goes ahead
  • The Governments want to halve the use of plastic
  • Manufacturers willing to bear the cost of a better alternative
  • Plans to ban single-use, non-biodegradable bags
  • The measure projected because awareness is not working

More Expensive Bags

We have to change our spirit,” says

Responsible use involves recycling more”,

Green bags are three times more expensive than traditional ones

Petroleum Derivatives

But that will end. Plastic bags are ending. The use of petroleum derivatives to manufacture them, the decades it takes to degrade and environmental awareness means that, from Beijing to San Francisco, measures taken to combat their indiscriminate use. The potato starch bag called to replace plastic, but its generalization can cause the same effect as biofuels: higher food prices.

Considering prohibiting them from given away in stores. On January 1, 2002, imposed a tax of 15-euro cents for each bag, and the following month, consumption fell by 90%, although it later became general again. They raised the price again.

Waste Plan for Environment

The Environment has sent a draft of the National Waste Plan to the plastic employers, large supermarkets, and ecologists with which it wants to halve the consumption of plastic bags before 2009 and ban plastic bags non-biodegradable single-use plastic no later than 2010.

Single-Use Bag in Hypermarkets

A single-use bag understood as one of poor quality, the one given in hypermarkets, which is rough, or in small stores. The one that flies away and that can hardly reuse to deposit the remains of garbage.

For this purpose, the ministry plans citizen awareness campaigns and instruments of an economic nature: charging for the bags, as the supermarket chain already compulsorily does and as surfaces such as offer voluntarily.

Environmentalists’ Campaigns

The idea seems slim to environmentalists. responsible for Waste campaign: It can do overnight. It is not that you prepare the population, or that people are going to have problems if the bag taken away and they bring one from home or use a basket or backpack. The plastic employers have reacted angrily to the proposal, which has just concluded the period of allegations and is still a draft, although the Environment plans to approve it before the end of the legislature.

It is excessive, drastic, and negative. The bags are not bad for the environment, the bad thing is the misuse that made of them,” says, general director of the Confederation of Plastics Entrepreneurs. The association brings together some 300 companies that employ 5,500 workers. Is the leading European producer of plastic bags.

Can Reuse

Scandalized that single-use bags can banned and announces that, if the withdraws its plan, the manufacturers commit to changing those that we use daily. We are designing larger, more resistant, and higher quality ones so that they are all like that and can reuse. That bags that do not blow away in the wind, that do not tangle up in a tree.

Plastic Manufacturers

The intention of the plastic manufacturers is that the new bags are larger and fit in a bucket so that, once used in the purchase, they end their life as garbage containers. They maintain that this bag would be more expensive for them (currently 1,000 bags cost 12 euros) but that they assume the cost. And that, with this measure, they would stop the massive entry of bags, which in the last two years has skyrocketed. If their suggestion not accepted, they predict massive layoffs. Up to 3,000 workers could lose their jobs, says.

Recycling Awareness

Another of the most involved sectors, large surfaces also opposed. A spokesperson for the Association of Large Distribution Companies explains that her position is to encourage reuse and recycling through awareness campaigns and the distribution of brochures. If it approves, we will comply, but we prefer awareness to prohibition,” she says.

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