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Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan

Social Awareness to Offer Biodegradable and Recyclable Bags

Adapt The Number of Bags Delivered

But the measure comes precisely because awareness is not working. On 2006, manufacturers, and businesses – large stores and small stores. They committed themselves at the head office of the of the Environment. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).

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To adapt the number of bags delivered to customers to the quantity, shape and weight of the products acquired. To launch reusable bags and to establish awareness campaigns to reduce their use.

Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan

Supermarket Chains to Offer Biodegradable Bags

In the heat of that agreement, for example, created the green box. The supermarket chain began to offer biodegradable bags with a capacity to withstand up to 15 kilos of weight at a price of 39 cents.

Apart from these measures, a year later, the supermarket checkouts continue to have handfuls of bags at hand from customers. The ministry considers that the supermarkets have complied without complying, that they have not done everything on their part and that the bags are still too accessible.

Plastic Bags To 70% For Recyclable Bags

That is why in February of last year, when he presented the first draft, he sent them a message about his intentions. He then announced his intention to reduce plastic bags to 70% for recyclable bags before 2015. The first text did not speak of banning and did give a longer term, but the ministry has toughened it.

Social Awareness

Social awareness and the international situation play in their favor. In August, encouraged by social support and the global atmosphere, the ministry collaborated in launching a series of cloth bags with the slogan I am not a plastic bag either, which was very successful. (Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan).

International Trend

In addition, the international trend in the last year has been in that direction. Last week, announced that it will ban stores from giving out bags without charging for them; in November, banned non-biodegradable plastic bags, and 80 other cities are also discussing the possibility of imposing this measure. Environment and former Midnight Oil singer Peter Garrett has also stated his opposition to plastic bags and his intention to ban them by 2009. Announcements follow suit.

Objectives Of Environmentalists

And it is that they have become a symbol of environmental deterioration and the superfluous. They represent, like SUVs, incandescent light bulbs, Christmas lighting or plastic bottles, one of the objectives of environmentalists.

Stop Global Warming

The question is not so much that these measures will stop global warming, but they represent the “change in lifestyle” necessary to fight against warming that the Nobel Peace Prize winner and president of the Intergovernmental Panel defended yesterday in Paris of Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri: We must really change our spirit, develop a behavior in which we minimize our ecological footprint on the planet.

And in this lifestyle change, some will lose – plastic makers, SUVs, or light bulbs – but others will win. This is the case of the company Sphere. With 170 employees, it manufactures and sells biodegradable, reusable, and compostable bags, as its general manager explains.

Bags That Use Potato Starch

The company has designed bags that use potato starch. The starch reserved and biodegradable polymers combined into it. The bag, once in the garbage, completely degrades in 90 days, explains. The Expo use them.

Biel considers that the path towards green bags is already unstoppable: It will depend on how it legislated, but overall, the trend is clear. Less plastic and more reuse. These bags, yes, are three times more expensive than traditional ones.


The study that promotes the use of plastic, ensures with a knowledge that the bags do not pollute as much if used correctly. If they use several times and then put in the yellow container. And maintain that there is not enough potato starch to satisfy the demand for bags and that it may end up making the price more expensive.

Responsible Use of Bags

In a phenomenon like that of biofuels, which have contributed to raising the price of cereals. We share that there is an excessive use of bags and we must go to responsible use, but that happens by recycling them more, says the general director.

And so far, the bags are still cost less for consumer. But behind that, there are still good environmental costs. They use oil and emit CO2 in production and transportation, but they are still invisible.

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