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The construction of buildings prefabricated by Hanjra construction

Since its inception, the Hanjra group has specialized in industrialized modular construction in order to respond to a moving world of rapid, smart and more responsive responses. Thanks to the cross-examination of our experts, to the outstanding efficiency of our industrial tool and an organization allowing interactions between all trades, our prefabricated buildings have developed their contemporary issues with their time and adaptation.

Constantly optimized manufacturing process

Building with new ideas is to know how to mix the best materials (steel, wood, concrete) to prefabricated constructions that are always more relevant to its customers. Due to the rigidity and strength of its three-dimensional galvanized steel structure, hanjra now combines walls (MOB) and insulated concrete floors for better thermal and acoustic performance for its customers.

Maximum production capacity

With a 90% prefabrication factory and an organization operating around 3 industrial sites 2×8, hanjra is capable of producing per 1,000 m² of modular buildings. Our constructive process of prefabricated construction makes it possible to work together – with a possible superposition of tasks – different trades (painters, thermal and sanitary installers, plasterers, roofers, carpenters, tilers, welders …) in a controlled environment and safe.

Minimal ecological footprint

The prefabricated buildings of Hanjra are fast and well, in every way. Of exemplary durability (ten-year guarantee), they are also part of a HQE approach. Saving water, generating small waste on site and in the factory, reducing nuisance (visual, sound) on site … The construction in a dry sector makes it possible to have less impact on the environment.

Resolutely turned toward the future, hanjra never stopped improving the manufacturing process like the comfort of its prefabricated buildings.Our Company provides Precast Construction Services.

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