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The prefabricated floor slab, the fatal weapon for the modular building

For the construction of the superstructure of an office building in the heart of the green district of the company BTPMP opted for a constructive system without load-bearing wall: the prefabricated floor slab. A constructive system rented for its speed of implementation in constrained environment and the modularity that it authorizes.
For an office building in R + 6 carried out by the Carle real estate development imagined an original architectural design: crowned by a peripheral beam, the building This curve gives pride of place to the vast, fully open sub-faces. To encourage the internal reconfiguration of volumes, and even the evolution of building functions, from office premises to collective housing, the architect and construction company BTPMP had to opt for a constructive system able to overcome the limitations of the load-bearing wall: the floor-slab. More specifically, Rector’s prefabricated floor-slab system.
This system integrates all structural elements in the floor thickness for ceilings without any fallout and for more modularity. As a result, the building is fully scaleable and scalable, with internal partitions being able to be reconfigured at will by occupants over time.
Implementation time reduced by 30% thanks to prefabrication
Another advantage for the manufacturer: a fast execution. Where a traditional construction system would have required the intervention of 15 to 20 men over a period of about 15 weeks, the prefabricated system has reduced the implementation time by 30%. Thus, to respect the 10-week schedule requested by the developer, a team of only 10 men will have been mobilized to install the 4075 m2 of Rector slabs.The Precast Girder Slab is designed with the help of architect engineers. They work with the structural steel and fabricate them to make the slabs.
Short local supply circuits (13 km from the factory to the construction site), reduced transport time, quick and safe installation … Thanks to the reduction of shoring and the timing of deliveries according to the progress of the construction site , congestion problems in urban areas so common on traditional sites have been limited. “Because the prefabrication of our pre-slabs allows us to assimilate them with delivered products ready to paint before painting and that their installation is largely facilitated, each level of the building could be finalized in hardly two weeks to 10 men only. All in all, thanks to this floor-slab solution, the company earns 40 to 50% of man-time compared to a traditional construction system “, explains Philippe Castro, Director of Sales Collective Housing Commercial and Industrial Buildings (LCTI) at Rector.For more:www.ittefaqgroup.pk/

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