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Game enthusiasts are willing to pay a significant amount on the premium ship for peace of mind. It is important that the custom game boxes are properly designed so that the goods reach the customer in good condition.

Finding a functional, protected and well-designed package for collectors is always a challenge. This is true for companies that make simple card and board games. Packages play a huge role in the success of game ventures, as they are the crucial point for consumers to buy games.

We have created a list of the most important elements you need to know and consider:

What types of games are available?

Depending on the size of the card or board, and the number of game pieces to be placed in the box, you need to plan a card or board game package.

Standard paperboard for card games

The standard paperboard box is perfect for card games without dice or other pieces. Different paperboard materials can be selected depending on budget and requirements.

Cardboard boxes are cost-effective, customizable, and can be printed using any technique.

Here is an example from Brink.

Premium with multiple game pieces

Choosing a premium rigid package not only protects the card well, but also makes the package visually appealing.

There are many ways to offer buyers a great customer experience through product packaging. Use color combinations, pull-up inserts and even stickers to create impressive designs.

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Decide which structure and material to use

Before deciding which structure and materials to use for your package, check the size of the boxes in other games of the same theme as you.

Retailers prefer to stack games to sort and save space. If the size of the game box is different from other games of the same genre, retailers may place the product on a different shelf. However, be careful not to try to force the game pieces into a box that is too small.

The goal is to make sure that the game pieces are well protected and not jammed.

Also, be careful not to make the game box too large, as anyone who purchases the game will share it with friends or take it elsewhere. Gamers do not appreciate some game items and large boxes with fresh air.

For packaging, you can decide whether to use cardboard boxes, plastic, or wood. Almost every game maker chooses a cardboard box, but some prefer to use plastic so that the package can be reused and reused. Wood is also used depending on the theme of the game.

Put a fragile sign on the box

If you do this, a warning is displayed to the shipper and you can no longer handle the shipping box.

Card and board game packaging design is less complicated, in the sense that the main focus of the manufacturer is on getting people to understand how the game works. However, you also need to pay attention to the proper size and structure of the package.

The package may get the buyer’s attention, but if it doesn’t work properly or doesn’t protect the game items, it can be a frustrating gamer who doesn’t think twice about leaving bad reviews on the game.

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