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When To Change the Batteries of A UPS And to Make the Battery Last Much Longer

A very common doubt in the IT field is when to change the batteries of our UPS. The reality is that there is no exact duration since the useful life of a battery depends on several factors. UPS Maintenance contract in Pakistan.

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The Life of The Batteries

Due to their nature, the batteries used in UPSs must replace from time to time, manufacturers usually say that this term is three years, say from 3 to 5 years which seems more reasonable. However, the time that a stationary battery can last in good condition varies depending on the temperature, the charging voltage to which it has subject, operating cycles, etc.

Tips To Make the Battery Last Much Longer

It is essential to keep the UPS in a cool and dry place with plenty of ventilation. No cloistering it under the table where it gets dusty and has no airflow. As an ideal temperature standard, a UPS should never exceed 25ºC, since batteries are generally lead-acid and at higher temperatures, their longevity reduced. As a guide, for every 8°C rise in temperature, battery life halved.

For example, a battery life of 4 years is 25 degrees Celsius, 33 degrees Celsius is always 2 years, and 4 degrees Celsius is only 1 year.

Ventilation Of UPS A Vital Importance

For this reason, ventilation is of vital importance, and for this it is not that we must put it under the air conditioning or have a fan pointing at it. We simply must leave at least 5 centimeters of separation between the UPS and anything else (except obviously, the ground or the surface where we have it) so that it has some ventilation.

UPSs Self-Calibration Systems

Many places where this equipment stored have self-calibration systems, but it recommends not to carry out this process more than once a year because, in addition to being unnecessary (it is not that they decelerate much), it is counterproductive. Similarly, if you are not using the UPS, it recommends to do a full charge cycle at least every 6 months to prolong the life of the battery.

Finally, the most obvious but maybe not so obvious:  do not overload the UPS. Ideally, the load should never exceed 80% of its capacity, that is, if, for example, we have a 400-watt UPS, we should not connect equipment that consumes more than 320 watts to it.

So How Often Do I Change the Battery?

The first thing you need to know is the parameters provided by the manufacturer. This average lifespan will be normal if you told it is 3 years. It does not have to be. If you follow the maintenance instructions provided in the previous section. If you leave the battery unused, it usually lasts up to 5 years or more.

Recommendations Of the Manufacturers

Accepts the recommendations of the manufacturers but must consider that these changes depend on the use that the machines are going to have and the environment to which they subject.

We proposition preventive maintenance contracts with digital reports so that our clients always know the status of their batteries and when it is time to make those changes.

Complies with informing the customer of the status of the batteries, but the customer in charge of making the decision whether to make the change or not.

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