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World Class Medical Treatment Is Available In All Big Cities Of China

A brief overview of medical services in Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is a thriving metropolis and bustling city on the southern coast of China. It is also the capital of Guangdong Province and the political, economic, scientific, educational, and cultural center of the province. Sites such as the Five Sheep Statue in Yuexiu Park, the Pearl River, and White Cloud Mountain are particularly popular with tourists. There are many health centers in the city and staff in many places speak several languages.

Clifford Hospital is a modern medical facility that combines the best elements of traditional Chinese, modern Western, and alternative medicine. The hospital has a “Triple-A” certificate from the Chinese authorities and complies with international health standards. The hospital is accredited by JCI and was the first hospital in China to receive this accreditation and the first comprehensive medicine hospital in the world to receive this accreditation.

The hospital has 600 beds and an interpretation center that provides services to foreigners in French, English, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean. Patients living abroad can rest assured that communication will not be a problem. The hospital is located at Clifford Estates, 8 Shiguang Road, Guangzhou.

CanAm International Medical Center in Guangzhou is a western accredited medical center that follows international medical standards of care and management. The medical center is small and is located on the 5th floor of Garden Tower, Garden Hotel, Guangzhou. The medical center is a primary care hospital and offers a full range of professional medical services. Services include family medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, vaccination and traveler’s counseling, psychological counseling, annual check-ups, outpatient minor surgery and dental clinic.

The center has an international team of doctors and dentists from the US, UK, Japan and Australia. The team is fluent in English, Japanese and various Chinese dialects. Guangzhou CanAm International Medical Centre has access to a cross-border ambulance service that transports emergency patients to the appropriate medical facilities in Hong Kong. If necessary, medical evacuation to their country of origin is also arranged. The hospital is particularly convenient for foreigners visiting the hospital.

Western Surgical Institute provides patients with the best medical care and technology in the world, so that people do not have to travel overseas for treatment. The Institute has three branches in China; the centers are located at Guangdong Provincial Hospital in Guangzhou, University City and Ersha Island in Shanghai, St. Michael’s Hospital in Gubei District and World Path International Hospital in Shanghai, Pudong.

The hospital combines the best Western surgeons, modern facilities, quality services and luxurious surroundings under one roof. The hospital is particularly suitable for foreigners and short-term visitors to China. All of the hospital’s doctors are American board certified and the hospital’s specialties include orthopedics, gastroenterology (GI), general surgery, ENT, spine surgery, pain management, etc.

Guangdong Provincial Hospital is the second affiliated hospital in Guangzhou, established in 1933. The hospital aims to convey the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and promote a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. The hospital is patient-centered, provides excellent diagnostic and treatment programs for patients, and continuously focuses on the development of Chinese medicine. The hospital has more than 100 clinical departments, including brain diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, kidney diseases, breast diseases, spine medicine, digestive diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer diseases, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, diabetes and many others.

For specialized care for women and children, visit Guangzhou Women and Children’s Hospital, which provides international medical services. The hospital belongs to the Bosheng Medical Group and has been voted the best women and children’s hospital in China for three consecutive years.

The hospital consists of an obstetrics center, a gynecology center, a pediatric center, a fertility center, etc., and all departments of each center are set up according to JCI accreditation standards. The hospital shares resources and specialists with the 33 hospitals in the network and offers tele-consultation services when necessary.

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